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Set up Event Registration

How do I set up event registration?  (Trumba help)

Note: If only people from the UW will be registering for your event, we recommend that you require them to log in with their UW NetID.

When you set up the registration, in the top-right corner, next to Visitor Sign in select Required.

Then, next to Sign in methods select UW NetID from the drop-down menu.

If people from the UW do not log in first and they use as their email address, they will not be able to access the events on the MyEvents page. They will be able to change their registration following the link in the confirmation message, and editors will be able to see the registration.

How do I export a list of registered attendee records? (Trumba help)

Can I include custom questions on the event registration form?

Yes, you can include custom questions. To do so, send your custom registration questions to and enter “Trumba Calendar Event Registration” in the subject line. UW-IT will create a custom registration form for your calendar. To find your new custom registration form, go to the Event Registration tab, and select the new custom form.

Can I use a custom banner image on the event registration form?

No. The UW banner image is the only image available for banners, and it is used by all the UW calendars.

How can I learn more about event registration?

Watch our Event Registration videos:

Tips on Event Registration

  • If all event registrants have UW NetIDs, make sure you require the UW NetID as the sign-in method. This enables registrants to use the My Events page to manage their registration. If you do not require UW NetIDs and people use their email address ending in, they will be able to access the features available in My Events; if they use, they will not.
  • Use Response timeout to automatically send a registration invitation to the next person on the waitlist if the person invited previously has neither registered or declined within the time limit you set.
  • Add additional registration organizers to allow others to view and check in registrants and guests. You can also specify whether they’ll receive registration notifications. The event creator is automatically added as an organizer.