Accessible Hardware

Last updated: August 16, 2022

ATC technologies include a wide array of equipment for the benefit of persons with visual, hearing, learning, motor and other disabilities.

Keyboards and Mice

Many people with reduced manipulative dexterity or learning disabilities benefit from specialized keyboards and mice.

Other Equipment

Adjustable-height tables

  • Adjustable tables (Steel Case and DBH Attachments) allow access to equipment for wheelchair users. The DBH Smart Desk (DBH Attachments) uses an electric motor to provide height adjustment, making it easier for users with limited strength to raise or lower the table.
  • The ALVA 544 Satellite Traveler braille display presents text, graphic and other information in braille corresponding to what is displayed on a computer screen. It is used in conjunction with a screen reader such as JAWS.
  • Hearing Protectors (American Optical Corporation) can be helpful to individuals who are distracted by noise in the facility.
  • OpticBook document scanner.

Equipment Manufacturers

Users can contact the manufacturers of the products used in the Access Technology Center for further information.