Accessibility Services

Last updated: May 23, 2024

The ATC offers a variety of services, including hardware and software demonstrations, accessibility and individual needs assessments,
training and consultation.

ATC Tours

The ATC provides a wide variety of hardware and software. Accommodation questions for specific disabilities may be answered during a tour of the facilities. UW staff and students can try hardware and software in our facility with their own materials and academic programs.

To schedule a tour, contact the ATC at (206) 685-4144 or email

Braille Services

The ATC provides a suite of Braille production services for blind students, faculty and staff. ATC Braille services process electronic text and graphic input for hard-copy embossing.

E-Text Accessibility

The ATC maintains a high speed scanner and OCR software to convert print material to content accessible for those with print disabilities. Faculty may request this service when converting content for their course needs.

Many users with visual or learning disabilities prefer electronic text. PDF is often used in e-text, but requires correct formatting for accessibility.