Create accessible documents, websites, and videos

Last updated: August 16, 2022

The University of Washington (UW) values diverse experiences and perspectives and strives to fully include everyone who engages with the UW.University of Washington IT Accessibility Guidelines

In addition to the teaching and learning tools described in this section (Canvas, Panopto, Mailman, WebQ, Gradebook and GradePage) it is common for instructors to create documents, websites, and videos for their classes. Products from Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, UW Google, and other vendors make creating such resources straightforward.

Keep accessibility in mind

When using these products, please keep in mind that the UW community includes many people with various disabilities, including blindness, impaired vision, and lack of motor control. Relatively simple steps can ensure that the resources you create will work for all your students. In addition to helping the disabled, these steps will support people who choose to interact with your resources by voice command, such as using Dragon Naturally Speaking, and students and staff for whom English is a second language.

Help make UW teaching and learning fully inclusive by using the accessible design methods described on the pages linked to below.

The overall topic of accessibility is explored on the Accessible Technology site.

Here are more specific resources within that site: