Phase 3: Develop and Socialize Plan

Last updated: May 14, 2024

Develop and Socialize Strategic Plan

With research complete and priorities set, in Phase 3 we’ll turn to drafting our three-year map to a new more innovative and nimble way of serving the University. Huron will work with ELT (Executive Leadership Team) to draft the framework for the strategic plan, including detailed documentation and prioritized goals and objectives.

A critical element of the framework is a resource plan, which will identify opportunities that bridge funding gaps and innovate the way our work is funded. The resource plan must prevent undue risks and provide value. Within the priorities and values we’ve set, the plan will consider what can be realigned or streamlined, and how funding should adapt to (or fuel) changes in services.

With our framework in hand, we will return to our stakeholders, who were so instrumental in Phase 1 providing context and ideas. Focus group sessions and workshops will help us gather consensus on short- and long-term priorities.

A pie chart with three equal sections and an arrow on the perimeter of each section, indicating cyclical relationships. The quadrants each have the a question and response. They are as follows: 1. Are we achieving the results we planned for? Answer: Performance Monitoring. 2. Where do we want to go as an organization? Answer: Strategy Formulation. 3. How do we get there?" Answer: Performance Monitoring.

Accessible and detailed dashboards will monitor the metrics that provide a data-driven approach to measuring progress, ensuring alignment with goals, enhancing accountability, and enabling informed decision-making for the long-term success of the organization. With ELT’s guidance, Huron will develop dashboards that tell us how we’re doing and keep us focused on our goals. Dashboards will make our development as an organization transparent and help hold us accountable to each other and to our stakeholders.

Our metrics also will help us adapt and learn, which are hallmarks of a healthy organization. If certain metrics say that a particular strategy or project is not yielding the expected results, we can adjust our course to ensure more successful outcomes.

Strategic Plan Timeline

Week of
5/13 5/20 5/27 6/3 6/10 6/17 6/24 7/1 7/8 7/15 7/22 7/29
Confirm strategic anchors Week of 5/13
Confirm strategic initiatives Weeks of 5/13 & 5/20
Draft success measures Weeks of 5/20 & 5/27
Create draft strategic plan Weeks of 5/27 & 6/3
Share draft plan with SLT Week of 6/3
Create web-based dashboard to track and report progress against metrics Weeks of 6/10 & 6/17
Socialize plan with UW-IT community and select UW constituents Weeks of 6/10, 6/17, & 6/24
Finalize stategic plan based on feedback Weeks of 6/25 & 7/1
Create plan for socialization with all of UW Weeks of 7/1, 7/8 & 7/15
Create strategic plan implementation roadmap Weeks of 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, & 7/29