UW-IT’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI)

Last updated: August 25, 2023

UW-IT is committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable and welcoming environment that honors and values diverse experiences, perspectives and identities. We believe in a future that supports and sustains diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in our organization and in the communities we serve at the University and beyond.

As an organization, and as individuals within our organization, we must meet the challenge set forth by UW President Ana Mari Cauce when she launched the UW Race & Equity Initiative — that each of us are responsible for addressing our own biases and improving our culture.

Because neither racial bias, harassment nor any other kind of discrimination has a place within our organization, the University community, our society or our profession, we are called upon to combat bias and racism at the personal, institutional and systemic levels. Through our work as an organization, we will address the goals of this initiative:

  • Confront individual bias and racism
  • Transform institutional policies and practices
  • Accelerate systemic change

Our work, our community, and our journey forward

In addition to division-level DEI advisory groups, we are also proud to host the UW-IT Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community of Practice (UW-IT DEI CoP), which includes UW-IT staff and technology professionals from across the University who are committed to dismantling systemic social and racial injustices for individuals working in technology by pursuing diverse perspectives, enhancing cultural understanding, and establishing spaces for connection through life-long learning and conversation. You can get involved by joining the mailing list and expressing your interest.

UW-IT also developed an IT Inclusive Language Guide to serve as a reference for developing software and other information technology content.

Our goal is to uphold DEI values in our words and our priorities as we work to foster and create an inclusive, equitable and welcoming environment in UW-IT.