Research Computing

Last updated: February 21, 2024

Divisional charter: Intent and Purpose

The Research Computing Division’s primary mission is to empower and facilitate groundbreaking research, foster innovation and support researchers across the university.

We seek to do that by providing the best computing resources available, inhouse tools and expertise and unwavering support to everyone, whether they’re seasoned researchers or students just getting under way.

We have a keen understanding of the pivotal role that research computing plays as a differentiator for the UW and we are committed to enabling best practices that not only enhance the quality of research outcomes but also mitigate funding risks associated with computational endeavors.

At the heart of our division lies a deep commitment to leveraging best practices and fostering innovation and partnering with other units and departments across all campuses to empower our diverse and dynamic academic community. By providing scalable computing environments, access to cloud computing and a dedication to leading and owning sustainable compute strategies and policies, we seek to accelerate the research mission of the University.

Visit our Research site in IT Connect for a list of services.

Divisional units

  • Data Center Strategy & Operations
  • Cloud & Data Solutions
  • Cyberinfrastructure

Divisional leader

Xiao Zhu, Associate Vice President for Research Computing