May 29, 2020

Be wary of CARES scam targeting UW students

Thief on one laptop screen uses a phishing hook to snag personal data on another laptop screen

Learn how to spot scams using news about The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that target UW students.

May 27, 2020

Before you leave for the summer, set up your UW NetID recovery options

Login screen for an app or website in smartphone. Field are Username and password

Every year, more than 5,000 callers request help to reset a UW NetID password. You don’t have to be one of them. Add your mobile number and email address, so if you forget your password or get locked out, you can regain access to your UW NetID. The options allow you to recover your password…

May 6, 2020

Strengthen your password security for World Password Day on May 7

Person at laptop typing with security shield icon above it

Get tips in this video for smart computing, including strengthening your password by using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters for strong passwords and avoiding using the same password for multiple websites, accounts and applications.

April 24, 2020

Protect yourself from scams with these security tips

Thief on one laptop screen uses a phishing hook to snag personal data on another laptop screen

Take these steps now to secure your computers, devices, collaboration platforms and home networks. Remember that phishing campaigns and other scams are targeting new remote working conditions, fears about the coronavirus and expectations around the stimulus checks to try to trick people into giving up personal and banking information.

April 22, 2020

“Remember me” makes two-factor authentication more convenient

Login screen with man in library and laptop

Check the “remember me” option when you use Duo two-factor authentication on trusted devices, and you won’t have to confirm it’s you each time you sign in. The option shouldn’t be used on public or shared computers nor those you don’t sign into and cannot lock down.

April 20, 2020

Learn how the Emotet malware works so you can protect yourself

Hacker in a blue hoody standing in front of a code background with binary streams and information security terms

Find out how malicious hackers have used Emotet to target universities and get some tips for how to protect yourself from their tactics.

April 10, 2020

Get 12 tips for protecting personal and University data on mobile devices

Watch this video to learn how to protect your device and the information stored on it from being accessed or stolen.

March 30, 2020

Secure your Zoom meetings and recordings

Prevent unauthorized access to your online courses, meetings, and cloud recordings with these security settings in Zoom.

March 25, 2020

Don’t be an April fool! Back up your data and devices

Animated image of two laptops transferring data between them.

March 31 is World Backup Day. Make sure your data and devices are backed up frequently on a secure drive, server or storage. A backup can help you maintain access to your data if your device is lost or stolen, if a hard drive fails, or if a computer system is compromised by malicious software…

March 17, 2020

Scams target offsite workers and COVID-19 fears

Read how to protect yourself from an increase in email, text and phone scams aimed at the UW community as we adapt to new tech tools and working practices in order to inhibit the spread of COVID-19.

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