Keep Duo Mobile updated; Duo no longer supporting earlier mobile device operating systems

Is Duo Mobile on your two-factor authentication (2FA) mobile device fully updated? How about your device’s operating system?

General recommendations for the UW community

Please keep Duo Mobile updated. Make sure your device’s operating system (OS) is up to date so that you can update Duo Mobile to its latest version, and so that your device can receive Duo’s security and maintenance fixes.

When you update your OS, please check that Duo Mobile updated as well, as this may not occur automatically — you may need to manually update Duo Mobile.

What’s happening with the older operating systems?

Android devices using OS 10 and earlier will no longer be able to download the latest version of Duo Mobile nor receive Duo Mobile maintenance fixes and security updates, starting Feb. 8, 2024; the same issue will be true for Apple devices using iOS version 14 or earlier.


UW-IT recognizes there may be hardship situations and other reasons why you cannot update your current device’s OS; there are other options, including that you can:

  • Use a different device that can download the latest version of Duo Mobile. We provide an IT Connect FAQ link to information on setting up a new phone or tablet.
  • Get and use a hardware token, provided through UW-IT at no charge.
  • Enroll a phone number to authenticate through voice calls.
  • Get a temporary bypass code from the UW-IT Service Center if you run into problems with Duo Mobile. The code will allow you to securely access UW systems for a 12-hour period. Learn more in Troubles with 2FA here on IT Connect.

On Feb. 8, 2024, Duo Mobile will continue to work and provide 2FA protection for those who do not or cannot update their device’s OS. However, both Duo and UW-IT recommend using 2FA via updated/compatible device OSs and the fully updated Duo Mobile app.

Note: For phone-based use of 2FA on the older OSs, Duo-generated passcodes through SMS/texting will not work. While Duo’s documentation mentions the SMS/texting option, UW-IT does not support this form of authentication via Duo. Passcodes must be generated through the Duo Mobile app.


Contact the UW-IT Service Center at or (206) 221-5000. Please put Duo Mobile in your email subject line.