Installing and Using MySQL

Last updated: January 12, 2023
Audience: All UW

UW Information Technology does not provide full support for MySQL. Only the MySQL binaries and limited documentation are provided. Some do-it-yourself skills or learning on the job will be needed.

(Note: Access to your MySQL server is limited to computers on the University of Washington network.)

Install MySQL

Instructions on how to set up and install MySQL.

Install phpMyAdmin

Install the PHP-based MySQL administration package to help manage your MySQL server.

Connect to MySQL and create databases

Learn the basics of connecting to MySQL and creating new databases.

Learn about Basic MySQL Administration

Learn the basics of configuring and administering your MySQL server from the command line.

Learn about Interfacing MySQL with PHP

Learn about connecting to your MySQL server using PHP.

Guidelines and Considerations

Learn more about the responsibility of running a MySQL server.

Upgrade MySQL

Instructions on how to run the MySQL upgrade.

Upgrade phpMyAdmin

Learn how to upgrade to the latest phpMyAdmin release.