UW Affiliation Reference

Last updated: January 12, 2023
Audience: All UW

Password Protection by Affiliation

Nearly all students, staff, and faculty have a UW NetID and password that they can use to access to UW network and computing services. UW NetIDs are divided into different affiliations based on how the person they have been assigned to is associated with the university. You can restrict access to your website to only a specific UW NetID, or list of UW NetIDs, or to an entire group of NetIDs. Since there are no passwords for you to generate and maintain, it is a simple way to protect your website.

This Affiliation Reference is an attempt to list all of the useful groupings of UW NetIDs that can be referred to in an .htaccess file for authentication purposes. It also attempts to explain what people have each affiliation.

Affiliation Type Who has this affiliation?
student UW undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled for the current quarter, the previous quarter, or a future quarter; also includes on-leave graduate students and UW Extension students.
staff UW staff members, including undergraduate and graduate student employees, who are currently employed.
faculty UW faculty members who are currently employed.
employee Same as: staff OR faculty
member UW faculty, staff, and students. (See definitions above.)
alum Individuals who have graduated from the UW.
affiliate People who work on campus but are not working for the UW. People who have applied for undergraduate or graduate school, i.e. student applicants. People affiliated through the UW Development Office, who have not graduated from the UW. People identified with UW Medicine, e.g. clinicians and patients. Digital Learning Commons students and educators. Other people who have a UW NetID. MyUW.net paid subscribers.

Note: Where OR has been used in the reference, it refers to a logical or, meaning that this affiliation is an inclusive combination of other affiliations.