Improving Analysis with the Latest UW Tableau Upgrade

August 4, 2020

The recent upgrade of the UW Tableau Servers brings many new benefits to UW Tableau users. Whether you have a Tableau development license or not, the latest upgrade brings you many new features! Click below to read more:

For Tableau Developers: Better Publishing and Development

If you’re an existing or aspiring Tableau developer, your publishing and development just got a little bit easier with the latest features from Tableau.

Explore key feature updates for Tableau Software Version 2020.2. 

Relationships • Metrics • Dynamic Parameters •  Viz Animations

  • Data Source Relationships – Structure Tableau data sources using relationships. You no longer have to “merge” your tables into one data set, but can keep them as related tables in Tableau!
  • Viz Animations – See and understand your changing data as you apply filters and actions.
  • Dynamic Parameters – Set your parameters once and the parameters list of values updates automatically every time someone opens the workbook. No need to republish workbooks with parameters every time the underlying data changes.

Learn more about the latest features at the Tableau Features Page.

Reminder: Collaborate in the sandbox.

Your Tableau desktop license gives you access to the UW Transitional Server, a sandbox environment for publishing and sharing your work with colleagues.

Once your project is set up, you’re in the driver’s seat and have complete control over permissions and access using UW Groups.

Ready to create your own project and share your work? Get started now by visiting IT Connect: Project Request Form

Don’t have a Tableau Desktop license?

Want to Learn More?

Explore the latest content on IT Connect to learn more about setting up your project folders, managing permissions, and publishing and sharing your work: Tableau Server: Publishing Your Visualizations

For UW Tableau Viewers: Solid User Experience

Not a developer? You can still view your colleagues’ work on the Transitional server (with the right permission) or you can explore UW Institutional dashboards on UW Profiles. With the latest features from Tableau and UW-IT supported hardware, you can count on the most reliable user experience.

To explore the dashboards and enterprise data, you will need access to view EDW data. You can request EDW access from your department unit authorizer. To learn more and request access, visit IT Connect: Request Access to Reports, Analytics, and Data

Laptop on a desk with UW Profiles dashboard on the screen

UW Profiles, the web-based catalog of Institutional dashboards is available to users with EDW access. The dashboards provide an interactive experience through filters and breakdowns that allow you to answer the most common institutional questions.


Check out IT Connect’s FAQ for the UW Tableau Service and UW Tableau Transitional Service: Help: Tableau

If you have any questions about this upgrade or the UW Tableau Service, please write with “UW Tableau Service” in the subject line.