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Tableau Server: Publishing Your Visualizations

You can quickly and easily share your insights by publishing your visualizations to UW’s Tableau Server, enabling your teammates to securely interact with your work. When people can see and understand the data, they solve problems and discover opportunities. Enable your group to find answers in minutes, not months.

There are 3 steps to publishing on the UW Tableau Server:

1. Develop using Tableau Desktop

Create your dashboard or visualization using Tableau Desktop software. When you are ready to share your work with colleagues, you can publish to the UW Tableau Transitional Server.

To publish to the UW Tableau Server, you must use a version of Tableau Desktop that is compatible with UW’s Tableau Server. The important thing to remember is that your Tableau Desktop version should not exceed the latest version of the server. To find out the latest server version, click here: Latest Server Version

2. Set up Permission Groups

Tableau project owners, you will self-manage who has access to your project’s visualizations. Using free UW Active Directory (AD) Groups, you can assign people directly to the publisher, editor, and viewer security roles within your Tableau projects (folders where you store your visualizations).

To learn how to set up and manage permissions, click here: Managing Permissions on Tableau Project

3. Publish to the Transitional Server

Your dashboard has been vetted and it’s time to share it with your full constituency on UW’s scalable and high performance Tableau Transitional Server.

For more on how to publish to the Transitional Server read: Publish to the UW Transitional Server


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Last reviewed September 20, 2019