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  • Participate in a compliance and ethics week event this January

    December 20, 2022

    Several UW departments, including the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer, Records Management and the Registrar, will be hosting a series of Zoom events to observe Compliance & Ethics Week, Jan. 9-13.

  • Learn what happens to your IT services when you retire

    Your access to email, data storage and other IT services changes or expires after your affiliations with the University change.

  • With 2FA, UW thwarts cyber threats

    November 3, 2022

    Somewhere, someone with bad intent is trying to snag your UW NetID log-in credentials to get at something that they shouldn’t. And it’s not just you they’re targeting. Anyone at the UW with a UW NetID will do, or anyone with a college or university affiliation. They’re cybercriminals, and they want to steal your personal information and institutional data.

  • Speakers needed for July 28 virtual UW Tech Talks

    July 5, 2022

    If you want to share your ideas, knowledge or a case study with a diverse multi-campus UW technology community, please submit your presentation proposal by July 13. The informal 40-minute talks bring together IT enthusiasts from across the UW to share ideas and be inspired.

  • Students, faculty and staff are not losing access to UW Office 365

    June 15, 2022

    You may have received a notification stating you may be losing access to UW Office 365. If you’re a faculty member or staff and are paid directly by the University, disregard these notices.

  • Text messaging service helps UW COVID study recruit hard-to-find volunteers

    June 13, 2022

    When a group of UW Medicine researchers sought to quickly recruit and monitor COVID-19 survivors as part of a nationwide study, there was no easy way to reach them.

  • New email filtering system blocks millions of spam and phishing emails

    May 16, 2022

    By Ignacio Lobos UW-IT’s help desk has been receiving some unusual queries from the UW community recently, such as, “I’m not getting any spam or phishing emails. Is there something wrong with my email?” When someone complains about not getting spam or other suspicious email, it means something is up! At the UW, that something…

  • New Big Data class gets high marks from students

    January 12, 2022

    The materials revolution across the world means today’s researchers need robust IT tools such as cloud computing to keep up. By Gretchen Konrady When it comes to understanding data-intensive computing, nothing beats a hands-on learning experience with real tools.  That sentiment was echoed by 60 graduate and undergraduate students in their reviews of a new…

  • Troubled waters

    November 20, 2021

    Not long ago, on a cool September day deep in Alaska’s Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, a floatplane dropped Catherine Kuhn and a team of scientists near a cabin studded with nails to keep curious grizzly and black bears at bay. But hungry bears and blood-sucking mosquitoes were not her concern as Kuhn set out…

  • An end to the paper trail

    October 28, 2021

    A new cloud-based enterprise document management system will help the UW manage its paperless future. By Ignacio Lobos Barbara Benson picks up a large brown box filled with paper documents and vanishes down a long hallway lined with shelves rising almost 30 feet high — stacked full of identical boxes. She returns empty-handed, ending the…