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January 4, 2022

Boot up the year by uploading these 5 tools to your new device

Did you get a new laptop, cell phone or a tablet during the holidays? Start your year off right by uploading these five essential tools via IT Connect:

December 20, 2021

Get assistance with IT-related investments, projects and acquisitions

If your unit or department is considering a major information technology project or acquisition in 2022, UW-IT can help. Depending on the scope of your project, it may be subject to additional approvals, reporting requirements, and more.

November 29, 2021

Digital whiteboard Google Jamboard for easier online collaboration

connected map of people

Use Google Jamboard with others to draw, write, post graphics and bring your ideas to life.

August 11, 2021

Reminder: UW Google Changes become effective Aug. 25

Google Team Drive on computer

New UW Google accounts for Shared UW NetIDs and new UW Google Shared Drives will not be allowed as part of Google’s changes to their Workspace for Education product.

February 16, 2021

Learn how UW-IT provided critical support for UW business operations

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With partners across the University, UW-IT supported dozens of call centers going remote, developed web-based tools for decision makers and marked significant milestones in support of UW Finance Transformation.

November 24, 2020

Google Shared Drive offers online collaboration space

Collaborate more easily with Google Shared Drive, where online documents are owned by the Google Shared Drive, not an individual.

November 18, 2020

Design better products and services with UX resources

Learn how to align a product or service with what your users need with online user experience (UX) design guides and by taking advantage of free UX consultation services at UW. Produced by UX experts in UW Information Technology, the guides are relevant to any stage of development, and can help even those new to…

New UW-IT study will explore technology and infrastructure needs of UW researchers

UW-IT will survey 7,500 UW researchers this fall to identify unmet needs and pain points in several areas, such as data and computing, collaboration, and research technologies. The survey is a follow up to a two-year conversation UW-IT had in 2010 with Principal Investigators, leading to support for the early efforts of the eScience Institute,…

October 12, 2020

Physics of a deadly virus uncovered with UW’s supercomputer

Read how UW researchers are using Hyak, the University’s supercomputer, to speed up critical, potentially life-saving research on COVID-19. It’s because research being done by Zachary Montague in the Department of Physics could continue without interruption that Hyak was declared an essential research facility early during the pandemic. Other pandemic-related research on Hyak is under…

October 5, 2020

Find technology for working remotely with important webpage

Concept illustration of people as cogs working together seamlessly

If COVID-19 is keeping you at home, this website helps you find technology tools that help you work, study and teach remotely. This page is regularly updated to keep you informed about the latest technology tools to help you succeed at the UW.

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