August 20, 2019

How many students in your department have studied abroad?

Picture of multiethnic group of young happy students

A new report shows a list of students that have studied abroad by academic unit and time period. To run this report, you will need permission to access data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse. If you do not already have EDW access, follow this link to the enterprise data site to find your authorizer and…

July 17, 2019

New report helps Seattle campus schedule classrooms more efficiently

A new report will make it easier for classroom schedulers to spot scheduling bottlenecks and ensure better distribution of courses and classrooms across a day. The Learning Spaces Policy report will help support the classroom use policy aimed at ensuring sufficient classroom space for all courses on the Seattle campus, and that courses have assigned times…

May 9, 2019

Get access to UW Profiles Dashboards to explore University data

Laptop on a desk with UW Profiles dashboard on the screen

UW Profiles is a one-stop shop for basic analytics about our students, their academic progress and our University. These interactive dashboards enable users to explore and aggregate data at any level of the institution: University, campus, school, college, department or major.

February 12, 2019

Research administration data cube now has proposals, awards and expenditures data

inflation and deflation graph

Updates to this data analysis tool make it easier to add inflation adjustments, track how grant money is spent and view expenditure data over time. Learn how to analyze data using cubes and find out how the Research Budget Expenditures report can help you track how grant money is spent at the individual budget level…

October 16, 2018

Online tool helps make sense of UW institutional data

Man in front of computer with Knowledge Navigator on his screen

Read how University Registrar Helen B. Garrett and others at the University use Knowledge Navigator as an indispensable tool for making sense of business and enterprise data, and to support strategic planning and decision making. The story is part of UW-IT’s 2018 Partnerships series, which highlights how colleagues across the University are collaborating to advance…