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Software Overview

MATLAB — MATrix LABoratory — is an integrated and extensible technical computing environment that delivers powerful computation, visualization, and application development tools to your desktop.

MATLAB is available for Windows (64 bit), OSX (ver 10.10 and above), and Linux(64 bit), see Supported Operating Systems and minimum hardware requirements for details.

UW TAH license entitles you to download MATLAB and install it on your computer, access MATLAB online, and use a mobile app to work with MATLAB mobile from your iOS or Android device.

License Overview

  • UW IT cannot prorate or refund the cost of the MATLAB license subscription.
  • Matlab license cannot be assigned to a shared UW NetID. Only personal NetID is eligible.

Licenses for the next licensing period will be available on July 1st.

Automatic Renewal and re-assignment.

Once purchased, the license will be automatically renewed for the NEXT license subscription period. A license can be reassigned to a different employee upon request. To opt-out of the NEXT licensing cycle automatic renewal please submit an Opt-Out Request

MATLAB is now available under a “Total Academic Headcount” (TAH) agreement with MathWorks.  All individual licenses granted will expire at the same time – June 30. All of the toolboxes listed below are included in the TAH license.

The TAH license may be used for the purpose of (i) in the case of employees (faculty and academic staff), performing software administration, teaching, and noncommercial, academic research in their ordinary course as UW employees; and (ii) in the case of enrolled students, meeting classroom requirements of courses and study offered by the UW. Work done funded under a grant would usually be considered “academic” in nature, while work funded by a contract is likely “commercial” and, therefore, not covered under the TAH license. Any other use is expressly prohibited.

Pricing is determined based on the total number of paid subscribers and the annual license fee from Mathworks. Pricing will be adjusted annually based on these factors.

Licenses for Students

Students may obtain free of charge Matlab license for use on computers they own personally. All licenses expire June 30th.

To register your UW student Mathworks account and download the software go to the UW portal at Mathworks.

Licenses for Faculty/Staff (and UW-owned equipment)

Faculty and staff may acquire a license for use on computers they own personally or for use on computers owned by the UW.  All licenses expire June 30th.

The subscription price for Matlab is $160. License is valid from July 1st until June 30th of the following year.

To purchase the software submit License Request Form for MATLAB with toolboxes included

Once your order is processed your access to the UW Mathworks portal is granted. Please visit the portal to create your Mathworks account and associate it with the UW TAH license. You will be able to download Matlab with toolboxes from the UW Mathworks portal.

If you already purchased license subscription for a new cycle, please visit UW portal at Mathworks to associate your account with UW TAH license. – UW Mathworks portal 

When your Mathworks account is (re)associated with UW TAH license you will be able to renew your Matlab license in the application.

Mathworks suggests doing it this way:
1. Open MATLAB (If the license has already expired the activation client will launch and you can skip the next step)
2. Navigate to Help Menu and select Licensing
3. Click on Activate Software
4. Choose to Activate using Internet
5. Once reactivated you will need to restart MATLAB before the new license file is recognized If the installation has already expired, you will be prompted to activate when attempting to launch MATLAB. As long as the activation finishes successfully it will roll over to the new license file once the old one expires. You might continue to see the expiration warning in MATLAB until the old file expires.

Licenses for Computing Labs on the UW campuses – Concurrent Licensing Model

Faculty and staff may acquire a license for use on a group of computers owned by the UW and used on the UW campus (e.g., in a computing lab).  This will use the “network concurrent user” license type from Mathworks, all users of the computer will be able to run the MATLAB software. We are suggesting you purchase the number of licenses equal to the maximum number of computers expected to be used concurrently at $160 each for the remainder of the license period (all licenses expire June 30th).

  • You need to install “Husky OnNet” VPN to be able to launch Matlab with Concurrent license on the computer outside the UW Network perimeter.

It is strongly preferred that units with a small number of machines use the “individual” style license (see above). The “concurrent license” model is really intended for collections of several systems, say 5 or more. However, the “concurrent license” must be used if you have systems with true concurrent usage (e.g., Linux) or include MATLAB in an “imaging” system to distribute identical copies of the software to multiple computers (common in computing labs).

To renew Matlab concurrent license, please replace the appropriate license file on that device with the new file from the location provided by UW IT when your license purchase request is processed.

To purchase the software submit Matlab License Request Form


  • MATLAB Online provides access to MATLAB from any standard web browser wherever you have internet access – just sign in.
  • With MATLAB Online, you can share files with others directly.
  • MATLAB Online automatically updates to the latest version, giving a consistent platform with the latest features to all users.
  • Publish your files to the web as PDFs or HTML and share the URL with anyone.
  • Full integration with MATLAB Drive gives you 5GB to store, access, and manage your files from anywhere with MATLAB Online.
  • Use MATLAB Drive Connector to sync your files between your computers and MATLAB Online, eliminating the need for manual upload or download.

Browsers and their configuration recommended for the best experience with MATLAB Online.


Connect to MATLAB from your iPhone, iPad or Android device

  • Connect to the MathWorks Cloud and access MATLAB wherever you have Internet connectivity. Your figures and workspace persist across sessions, so you can resume work when you next log in.
  • Acquire data from device sensors – like the accelerometer and GPS – and analyze the data in MATLAB.
  • Store your files on MATLAB Drive and access them from any device running MATLAB Mobile. Synchronize your files between your computers and MATLAB Mobile so you don’t need to manually upload or download them.

Matlab Training

Free Courses – Matlab offers 3 free “onramp” courses: MATLAB Onramp, Simulink Onramp, and Deep Learning Onramp. Anyone with a MathWorks account can access them.
MAOTS (MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite) is not part of the UW TAH licensed Matlab.

Follow this link to find a list of courses that are a part of MAOTS – and to take a sample course.
Individuals can purchase their own training via Mathworks website. Follow this link for more information.

Matlab and the Hyak Research Cluster

MATLAB is licensed for use on the Hyak Research Cluster. Hyak is part of an integrated, scalable scientific super-computing infrastructure operated by UW-IT. If you are faculty or staff,  you can request an evaluation account to see if it will meet your research needs.  If you’re ready to start using Hyak in production, then it’s as simple as purchasing a single node.  Prices and description are here:

If you are a student, you can access Hyak with purchased MATLAB software for your independent research through the HPC Club:

Hyak nodes are unusually powerful (28 x fast cores and up to 512GB RAM), they access storage at 10GigaBYTES per second.  It is possible to use your nodes in batch or interactive modes.  You have access not only to the nodes you purchase, but to idle capacity cluster-wide.  This means you are not limited to running MATLAB/SAS/SPSS or any other software package on the equipment you purchase — you can “burst” onto Hyak’s idle capacity when you need more — at no additional cost (and with some restrictions).

Toolboxes Included in the UW TAH license

All toolboxes are part of the Campus-wide license obtained by the UW IT from Mathworks.

Technical Support

Questions pertaining to Installation and Operation of MATLAB and the Toolboxes should be addressed to:

Training discounts for educators and students are available, see:

Also see:

MATLAB Onramp (Self-paced training)


MATLAB Central (User Community)

For faculty only, a MathWorks technical representative is available to instructors at UW for assistance with incorporating MATLAB in curriculum. Send mail to, mention “curriculum development and support” and that you are at the University of Washington.

Other questions may be submitted to, please use a subject of “UWare/MATLAB”.

Last reviewed June 5, 2020