Service News Category: Canvas LMS

  • Explore the Canvas course template

    February 9, 2021

    UW-IT and UW Learning Technologies developed a basic course template to help instructors quickly create courses that are easy for students to navigate. The template, which organizes course content within modules, is designed to accommodate a range of disciplines and teaching approaches. The design of the template was guided by two priorities: 1) to ease…

  • Resources for Teaching Remotely

    Explore resources for teaching remotely: UW information hubs from Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma, including the Roadmap to Effective Online Teaching. Also included are Canvas course templates, Canvas model courses, a Canvas course readiness checklist and guides for teaching with UW technologies. Get support for remote teaching from video resources and workshops and webinars. Review the…

  • UW Course Readiness Checklist for Online Instruction

    Check out the course readiness checklist when setting up a Canvas course for remote instruction. From setting up your Canvas site, adding course content to modules, customizing navigation, creating assignments and quizzes, setting up grading, helping students get started, making content accessible to all learners, and establishing your presence as instructor in a remote environment, the checklist…

  • Introducing Ally: Accessible formats for course files

    September 19, 2019

    Ally, provided by Blackboard, generates alternative formats of course files uploaded by instructors—such as text that is readable by a screen reader, electronic braille, or audio—that students can download and use to support their learning. Ally’s alternative formats feature is now available in all Canvas courses. To make course content easily accessible to all students,…

  • New features and updates

    August 11, 2019

    Newly added LTI tools available for all courses Office 365 LTI  This LTI tool offers integration with Microsoft Office 365 in Assignments, Collaborations, Modules, and the Rich Content Editor. Students and instructors can use, create, share, and collaborate on Office 365 files within Canvas. Providing an easy selection and embedding of files from OneDrive, students…

  • Reminder: End-of-quarter checklist

    July 30, 2019

    The end-of-quarter checklist provides pointers for wrapping up your Canvas course: submitting grades, conducting an inventory of course content for use in a future session, exporting course content, and marking the course read-only for students. And because quarters come and go so quickly, you may want to check out the start-of-quarter UW Canvas checklist.