20170119 – Azure IaaS

Last updated: November 15, 2023


  • Welcome 5-10m
  • Topic presentation 60m
  • Interactive reporting exercise 15-20m
  • Wrap up 5m


Welcome to the Microsoft Technology community of practice, part of the IT Communities of practice program.

We’re here to collaborate on implementation and management of Microsoft technologies. We’ve got a partnership with our Microsoft account team, and we hope to have them present desirable and relevant material every other month.

Brian Smith and I will be the logistical glue to facilitate and help the community focus. Feel free to approach either of us with ideas, feedback, or anything.

Recurring monthly meeting. Afternoon of 3rd Wednesday. Still nailing down time.

There is a mailing list. So far, only Brian & I have sent emails to it. Y’all can send emails too. At some point soon, I’ll likely start sending items on topics that I think are particularly noteworthy. If it feels like spam, let me know and I’ll dial it back.

Next month our topic will be provided by someone here at the UW. The two leading possibilities in my mind are:
-Minimizing end user storage provided by your unit (is anyone willing to present on this?)
-UW’s Entra ID architecture

Note: SCCM in NETID is the top vote-getter, but for good reasons I’d like to delay that topic until April or June. If we have extra time at end, I’ll give a short update today.


Using Azure Virtual Machines
Mark Garcia

This topic will focus on details specific to how to get started with Azure VMs:
-supported OS options
-VM types/sizes
-network connectivity
-reduce pricing and licensing via campus subscription
-domain join
-hybrid use benefits

Mark’s slide deck


Resource groups: Container for isolation/grouping/delegation

Transitioning from HyperV to Azure:

  1. Azure Site Recovery failover
  2. Convert VHDX to VHD and upload

VM Scale Sets: For deploying identically configured VMs

HUB: Hybrid Use Benefit (up to 50% cost savings). In Azure Portal type “[HUB]” to find right images.

Network Security Group: Container for firewall settings.

VPN data limits:

200MB Basic site-to-site VPN

3GB F5 or Cisco

10GB ExpressRoute


Discovery Sharing format:
1 > 2 > 4 > report top 1 or 2 items to group. In other words, first think to yourself. Then pair up with another and share. Then pair up with another pair and share. Then share with the entire group.

1. Current issues experienced or recently discovered solution
2. What MS technology or service are you interested in hearing more about? Time didn’t allow for this.

Group reports:

  • Issue: Azure Site to Site VPN
  • Issue: OD4B and Groups
  • Issue: Custom Workstation images via DISM
  • Issue: SCCM based software deployment
  • Issue: SQL in Azure
  • Issue: Storage management and deployment