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Last updated: August 9, 2022

IT Related Research and Advising Services

Core Gartner Research Access

Leverage UW’s subscription to Gartner for peer perspectives, expert advice and practical tools in a variety of areas, including technology. Sign in with your UW NetID. Gartner offers articles, case studies and webinars on data science solutions, IT organization leadership and more.

Educational Advisory Board IT Forum Research Access

itforumThe Education Advisory Board is a best practices firm that uses research, technology, and consulting to address challenges within the education industry. UW-IT provides access to research resources from the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) IT Forum at no cost for UW students, faculty and staff. IT Forum offers a wealth of information technology and information management content. Topic areas include data governance, analytics, student success, and general measures and metrics, available through online articles, webinars and in-person consultation. The EAB has more than 650 researchers, consultants and technologists serving over 1,000 colleges and universities across North America. View the UW-IT video to learn more and get started.


Educause offers networking and other platforms for IT professionals in higher ed to generate and find content on best practices and to engage their peers; professional development opportunities. A resource center for IT professionals. The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) provides research and analysis on IT in higher education, and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) is committed to the advancement of learning through the innovative application of technology.


  • Office of the Chief Information Security Officer
    Offering a variety of services to help you protect the confidentiality and integrity of UW information while making it available for appropriate use.
  • Security Advisory Board
    The Security Advisory Board advises on the strategic direction for information security at the University of Washington, and helps promote a collaborative approach and shared responsibility to secure UW data and information assets.

Resources For System Administrators

UW External Networking Activities

Other UW Resources

Email Lists

Type: Email distribution and discussion list
Purpose: This list is intended primarily for computing support staff and others who support central UW services who are interested in receiving email notifications about widespread UW Information Technology computing or networking outages.
Web Page: eOutage Alerts
To Join: Go to the eOutage sign-up page.
UW TechSupport List
Type: Email discussion list
Purpose: Provides a means of informal communication and support for distributed computing support personnel at the UW.
Web Page: TechSupport — Distributed Computing Support
To Join: Go to the Web page.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for UW Tech Support Email List
Type: Email discussion list
Purpose: An email list covering Red Hat Enterprise Linux for UW tech support people. The goal is to segment RHEL-specific tips or questions (up2date, rpm, kickstart, java interaction, etc.) from the linux@u list and to have more UW-specific information (satellite server, custom channels, etc.) than the lists.
To Join: Go to the following Web page:
RHELlanad — Red Hat Enterprise Linux for UW tech support
Administrative Systems Weekend Schedule
Type: Email distribution list
Purpose: Distributes UW administrative systems weekend schedule each Wednesday and Friday
Web Page: Administrative Systems Weekend Schedule