TRF FY 2024 letter from VP and CIO Andreas Bohman

Last updated: January 23, 2024

Dear colleagues:

I wanted to send you an update on the FY24 rates for the Technology Recharge Fee (TRF), which provides support for essential enterprise information technology services delivered by UW Information Technology (UW-IT).

Under a recommendation by the IT Service Investment Board, and approved by the Provost, there will be a 13 percent increase to the TRF rates for FY24, as follows:

  • $69.52 per month per capita for all academic and administrative units, a 13 percent increase. (The current rate is $61.52).
  • $62.24 per month per capita for the UW Medical Centers, a 13 percent increase. (The current rate is 55.08).

We know this is a large increase, the largest in the history of the TRF, which has provided essential IT services across the University since its inception in 2011. The increase will address escalating costs for technology equipment and enterprise software licensing, including Microsoft Campus License, Proofpoint (anti-spam software), Canvas, and Zoom. The new rates also address higher than typical personnel costs for merit and benefits, which need to be included in the UW-IT cost recovery model.

The IT Service Investment Board reached its funding recommendations after looking at a wide range of options, and it followed advice from the TRF Advisory Committee, which is charged with providing in-depth analysis and consultation in support of the annual TRF review. The TRF Advisory Committee – comprised of Academic, Administrative, and UW Medical Centers primary administrators – is extremely sensitive to the fiscal impact this will have across the University.

The Board believes, and I agree, that the new rates will continue to provide the financial stability necessary for UW-IT to deliver critical information technology services to the UW community. I appreciate your continued partnership, I recognize the importance of transparent stewardship for the resources we are given, and I am excited for our shared future.



Note: The UW Medical Centers rate is lower because they pay separately for Networking and Telecommunications.

Andreas Bohman
Vice President for UW Information Technology and CIO

cc: Ana Mari Cauce, President
Mark Richards, Provost and Executive Vice President
Anind K. Dey, Dean, Information School and Chair, IT Service Investment Board