TRF’s Basic Bundle of Services

Last updated: February 27, 2023

Common services charged per capita


Service Description


Line of Business
1.   Accessible Technologies

Services that support the use of technology for people with disabilities.

Consulting does not include solution implementation. Access Technology Center (ATC)



2.   Accounts and Passwords

UW electronic identities, accounts on central UW systems, and services that enable access control for online applications.

Services include UW NetID and passwords, UW Directories, Administrative System accounts, UW Microsoft Infrastructure, Access Management, and Wi-Fi registration.

UW NetIDs available for other uses:

Limited to one personal UW NetID.


Does not include computing services for Sponsored UW NetIDs.

Access Management Accounts and Passwords UW Directories

UW Microsoft Infrastructure

3.   Administrative Systems Infrastructure

Systems infrastructure and technology support for UW administrative/business systems.

Does not include new applications or projects or major changes to services (e.g., upgrades and expansions). Database Services Developer Tools

EMC Storage Services IT Production Printing MCP Services

UW Administrative Business Systems

4.   Backups and Mass Storage

Storage, backup, and recovery of centrally managed UW applications and systems.

Does not include departmental or individual storage, backup, and recovery of applications and systems. Enterprise Tape Libraries SAN

TSM Backup Services

5.   CISO – Information Security & Privacy

Services are designed to help UW units understand risks by analyzing and forecasting threats to information security, researching applicable information security and privacy laws, providing education on safeguarding institutional information, and consulting on incident management.

6.   Data Centers

Provide co-location services for centrally managed UW applications and systems.

Does not include departmental or individual co-location services. Data Centers
7.   Data Networks

Wired and Wi-Fi wireless network services, including network engineering, network and security operations, and Internet connectivity. Services includes Wi-Fi 802.11a/g/n, and 10/100/1000 Mbps where available.

Infrastructure to enhance cellular and wireless coverage and service on University property.

Limited to two ports per capita. Use limited by:

  • IP addressing
  • Internet access bandwidth

Does not include:

  • Unplanned wiring, switch, and wireless upgrades or network expansion
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi (e.g., encryption, VOIP)
  • Enhanced network services (e.g., VPN, DNS)
  • Moves, adds, and changes
Communication Infrastructure Engineering


Internet Commodity


UW Network Connectivity Services


Mobile Technology

8. Email, Calendaring, and Productivity Tools

Electronic mail services, including spam and virus protection, bulk mail, and email lists.

Services include Office 365, UW Google Apps and UW Events Calendar.

Limited to one account per capita. Use limited by:

  • Contractual obligations
  • Storage and delivery quota’s per service description
  • Appropriate use guidelines
UW Email Cloud Services

UW Events Calendar

9.   Voice and Video

Common infrastructure and technology support to deliver dial tone and other telecommunication services.


Standard Zoom Conferencing Service

Telephony limited to one personal number per capita.  Does not include:

  • Telephone sets (monthly fee based on phone type)
  • Port-based maintenance (monthly fee per line)
  • Enhanced telecom- munication services (e.g., call center solutions)
  • Moves, adds, and changes

Zoom Video Conferencing –

  • Limited to Zoom pro account, other add-ons available for fee.
Telephony (parts of)

Zoom Conferencing

10. Campus Software Licensing

Provision of UW licensed anti-virus software for desktop computers.


Microsoft and Apple Campus License Agreements.

Eligibility limited by UW NetID.

Use limited by contractual obligations.

Campus Site Licenses
11. Teaching & Learning Tools

Support for a wide variety of Teaching and Learning tools including Canvas, Catalyst, Panopto, etc.  For a full list of teaching and learning tools visit the IT Connect Teaching and Learning Tools Page.

Eligibility limited to UW NetID Teaching & Learning Tools
12. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

Infrastructure to support emergency communications, notifications, and operations.

Business continuity planning and implementation for centrally managed UW applications and systems.

Does not include departmental business continuity planning and implementation. Crisis Communications


UW Emergency Response Tools

13. UW Enterprise Portal

Service and support for UW’s enterprise portal infrastructure (MyUW).

Eligibility limited by UW NetID

Use limited by appropriate use guidelines

Does not include:

  • Design and development of content
  • Application development and support
Enterprise Portals
14. Web Publishing

Hosting and Web services for faculty, staff, students, courses, departments, and UW administrative pages.

Eligibility limited by UW NetID Use limited by:

  • Storage quota per service description
  • Appropriate use guidelines

Does not include:

  • Content and Web development
  • Application support
Web Hosting Web Publishing