Research Computing Services

Last updated: August 23, 2023

UW-IT offers a wide variety of technology tools and resources to help UW researchers advance their work. From high performance supercomputers and large-scale storage to the latest software, hardware, and informed consulting services, UW-IT’s Research Computing unit is committed to helping researchers choose the most appropriate solution to meet their needs.

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High Performance Computing (HPC)

Hyak is a shared, high performance computer cluster dedicated to research computing at UW and open to the entire UW research community. Hyak supports a broad range of workloads, from traditional HPC to emerging Big Data problems. Hyak is:

  • Designed and operated to address the needs of researchers that are not well served by alternatives at the laboratory scale, from national supercomputer centers, or from volunteer or commercial cloud providers
  • An excellent option for research groups requiring a fast, convenient, flexible and cost-effective alternative to operating their own scalable, high performance computing resource
  • Part of an integrated, scalable scientific computing infrastructure operated by UW-IT, including the lolo Archive and Collaboration File Systems (see next section), and a high performance research network, supporting fast data transfers among these systems, the University and the Internet

Hyak is overseen by a governance board comprised of a broad representation of Hyak users from across the University. The Board is responsible for evaluating new tools and technology directions to meet current and future needs.

More information about UW’s Hyak shared cluster supercomputer.

On-site large-scale storage

lolo is a scalable, file-based storage service for UW researchers. lolo offers a convenient, cost-effective means for secure, long-term data storage and for high-speed sharing of data sets with collaborators on and off campus.

More information about lolo Archive and Collaboration file services.

Remote research computing consulting

UW-IT can help UW researchers find the best solution for their needs, including supercomputers or volunteer or commercial cloud systems.

Consulting, outreach and education

UW-IT can help UW researchers make the most out of their computational resources, offering broad-based education including courses, documentation and targeted consulting.

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