Standard Managed Server

Service Description

UW-IT currently manages over 1000+ Standard Managed Servers for various owners and functions. Our Standard Managed Server service is designed for UW departments, leveraging UW-IT's expertise to match your needs with our current and most common choices for hardware, software, and system management.

Standard Managed Server offers a simple, efficient solution when you need servers deployed and managed. The service includes a 1 hour consultation to gather requirements and provide a cost estimate.  Upon approval UW-IT will purchase, configure, install and manage your server in a physically secure, environmentally controlled data center facility.

For more complex or customized computing needs beyond the scope of UW-IT's Standard Managed Server service, our Consulting service can often help develop a custom solution.

Regardless of the potential complexity of your server needs, please refer to the How To Order section below and use the form to submit a description of your request.

Service Options

The list below contains common technology options that can be deployed as part of this service. Please ask if there are other items of interest.

Server environment:

  • Virtual systems are our preferred solution, but physical systems also available
  • Located on-premise (a UW-IT Data Center), in the cloud
  • If a physical server is required, Dell is the preferred manufacturer. Systems are typically ordered with a 5 year warranty
  • Support options, default:
    • Nightly back-ups
    • Off-site backups and vaulting
    • System monitoring
    • Business hours system support
    • Security - confidential, restricted, or public data
  • Service options, by request:
    • High availability (HA) clusters
    • 24x7 on-call system support
    • Geographical redundancy (costs are customized)
    • Requisition, installation and renewal of certs

Operating Systems:

  • CentOS 6 64bit, CentOS 7 64bit, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016
  • Level of support: none, patches only, scheduled maintenance
  • In-place Operating System upgrades are not supported
  • Operating System upgrades require requesting a new server

Application Software: 

  • Account management: Local, UW NetID
  • Authentication: UWWI, Shibboleth, Kerberos
  • Web servers:
    • IIS
    • Apache
  • Databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL

Applications and Languages:

  • PHP
  • Tomcat
  • Java
  • Python/Django
  • Ruby/Rails
  • node.js
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Subversion

Level of support: UW-IT manages, customer manages


UW faculty; UW staff; UW academic units; UW administrative units; UW affiliated organizations; Need an approved UW budget number

How to Order

Service details are contained in this catalog entry. To request a consultation, please submit this Request Form. You will be asked for details regarding your server needs, budget number, etc.

If you are prompted to log into the Request Form, enter <"NETID\"> followed by your UW NetID user name in the user name field e.g., <"NETID\jdoe">, followed by your UW NetID password in the password field.  Tip: Be sure to use the backslash "\" instead of the forward slash "/”.


High availability is provided by using Virtual Machines running on server clusters, providing high up-time availability through fail-overs. Lower availability can also be provided at a lower cost.


Rates for this service are variable and will be provided as part of the initial consultation phase. Rates include 3 components:

  1. Direct costs to vendors (server hardware, licensed software, certificates, etc.)
  2. Hourly costs to manage (hours for system design, system administration, application administration, etc.)
  3. Costs to use other UW-IT services (data center, backups, virtual servers, etc.)

Below is a list of pricing examples for Managed Servers in quantity - actual hours and charges can vary. Servers which are similar to an existing server may have lower set-up and monthly maintenance charges.

A Managed Server is typically provisioned in "units" or “slices” of virtual servers, called “High Availability Virtual Machines” (HA-VM). Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Windows/VMWare solution is higher than a Linux/XenServer solution, due to licensing costs and the cost of using enterprise storage and SAN infrastructure for shared storage.

  • Windows HA-VM “Slice” = 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB disk = $33.00/month
  • Unix HA-VM “Slice” = 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB disk = $14.00/month
  • Engineering time = $136.04/hour
  • Database admin time = $136.04/hour
  • MS Premier Support = $10.00/month

Windows Web Server: IIS

Charge Details
Initial 8 hrs:  design, build, and configure system ($1,088.32)
Monthly 1 HA VM Slice ($33.00)
2 hrs system admin ($272.08)
1 MS Premier Support ($10.00)

Windows Database Server:  MS SQL Server

Charge Details
Initial 8 hrs:  build and configure system ($1,088.32) 8 hrs: install and setup SQL Server ($1,088.32)
Monthly 2 HA VM Slices ($66.00)
2 hrs:  system admin ($272.08)
4 hrs: SQL Server admin ($544.16)
1 MS Premier Support ($10.00)

Unix Web Server:  Apache

Charge Details
Initial 8 hrs:  build and configure system ($1,088.32)
Monthly 1 HA VM Slice ($14.00)
0.5 hrs:  system admin ($68.02)
0.25 hrs: application admin ($34.01)

Unix Database Server:  CentOS running MySQL

Charge Details
Initial 8 hrs:  build and configure system ($1,088.32)
4 hrs:  database installation ($544.16)
Monthly 2 HA VM Slices ($24.00)
1.5 hrs:  system admin & database system maintenance ($204.06)
0.25 hrs: application admin ($34.01)


Service Level Description

Specific service level items are negotiable and limited by the support hours being billed.

For a typical Standard Managed Server UW-IT will:

  • Provide server specification and setup services
  • Provide setup and installation of approved software (for approved software list, see Service Options)
  • Provide OS license
  • Provide systems administrative functions including:
    • Providing ongoing operating system updates, patches and security hot fixes
    • Monitoring server performance and health
    • Providing hardware maintenance and repair (or arranging for vendor replacement), providing servers are under warranty
  • Bill service charges to a UW budget number
  • If physical hardware is required, UW-IT will additionally:
    • Arrange for the purchase and installation of all hardware
    • Tag server hardware with a generic asset tag and send all relevant paperwork to the customer.
    • Provide necessary infrastructure, including:
      • Secured, climate controlled data-center location
      • Server rack space
      • Electrical circuits
      • Network connectivity
The customer will:
  • Verify that this service meets all of the business continuity, security, and data management requirements that apply to the planned use of the service. Please contact us if you require additional information about the service's design, operation, or management in order to help verify that this service will meet your needs.
  • Install, support and upgrade custom application software
  • Resolve any application problems for custom applications
  • Provide any application-level monitoring for custom applications
  • Provide UW-IT with permanent system root/ admin privileges
  • Perform server reboots and shutdowns only with prior UW-IT approval
  • If the optional data backup service is not selected, then the Customer is responsible for data backups
  • If a physical server is provided, the customer may wish to insure the equipment. University property and equipment are not automatically insured for loss or damage due to theft, fire, flood, power spike, etc.  You can arrange for insurance through the Equipment Insurance campus-wide online program, which is administered by the Office of Risk Management. This program provides optional, low cost coverage for equipment owned, leased or borrowed by University departments.  You can find more information here:

Additional Information

For any additional information, please view our web site at:
Standard Managed Server

Support Information

Support is provided by the UW Information Technology Service Center. To report an issue with an existing Standard Managed server, please provide the server name and utilize one of the following methods for contacting UW Information Technology Service Center:

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 206-221-5000
Online: Send us a question
In-person: Walk-in locations

Note: After-hours support is available from UW Information Technology Service Center.


Last Review Date: 10/15/2018