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Connecting to UW networks

Email and calendaring

  • The UW offers two email and calendaring systems available to all students, faculty and staff. UW Google Apps and Exchange Online both include email, calendaring, group calendaring capabilities, and contacts.
    • A custom UW version of G Suite, UW Google Apps is available to the UW community which includes ad-free email, use of your address, calendaring, and many more collaboration tools.
    • Exchange Online is the University of Washington’s Microsoft Exchange service that provides email, calendar, contacts and task management, as part as a service of Microsoft Office 365.
  • A feature comparison helps you choose which email system is right for you.
  • Use safe email practices, and report any abuse, harassment or suspicious email.

Productivity Platforms

  • UW Office 365 is the University of Washington’s implementation of Microsoft Office 365 Education, a collection of online email, productivity, and collaboration services.
  • UW G Suite for Education is a collection of online applications similar to Google’s consumer apps, but free of advertising and with greater privacy protection.


  • The UW offers a “one rate” campus telephone service, which includes a handset, voicemail, softphone, long distance, and fax options.
  • AVST Voicemail is available on all campus phones.
  • A wide range of phone handsets can be found around campus, with quick-reference documentation available for many options, including ADA-compliant phones.
  • A few audio/video conferencing options are available:
    • Microsoft Teams provides video conferencing functionality as part of it’s productivity, collaboration, communication, and file storage platform.
    • UW Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows you to host online courses, offer “virtual” office hours, and collaborate with colleagues.
    • Basic audio-only conferencing is offered through the UW phone service for between 3 and 6 participants, and an on-demand conferencing bridge for up to 50 participants can be set up.


  • HuskyTV is a cable and streaming TV service for the UW Seattle campus, offering 130 channels of digital TV, 120 channels of live streaming TV, a cloud-based DVR, and access to HBO Go and other services.
  • UWTV  is a television channel offered by the UW, highlighting world-changing medical breakthroughs, scientific innovations, social science research, world-class artists, and outstanding students and athletes that are emerging from the UW every day.

Web publishing

  • Review a detailed breakdown of what web publishing options are available through the UW, including:
    • UW Google Apps provides the Google Sites platform, allowing you to easily create and publish a website of your own.
    • UW Shared Web Hosting allows for web publishing on central UW servers, where you cancreate you own website, including installing WordPress or Drupal.
    • UW Sites Network provides an easy-to-use, UW-branded and centrally administered WordPress website.

UW Event Calendar

The UW Event Calendar is a calendaring system for all campus public events and departmental calendars.

Last reviewed February 4, 2020