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SPSS – Annual Subscription

This page was updated on 06/01/2019


IBM SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) provides data and statistical analysis, file management capabilities, graphics and reporting features. This year’s contract includes

  • Home Use Rider allows students and faculty to access IBM SPSS software at home or at off-campus locations. They benefit from the full complement of modules used by the university whether they are in the coffee shop, on the road or simply in the comfort of their dormitory or apartment.
  • Virtual Computer Lab Rider allows a college or university to host software in a virtualized environment and make it available to students or faculty, on or off campus, in accordance with the institution’s current licensing agreement.
  • Administrative Use Rider extends the Campus Edition to support not only teaching and learning purposes but also back-office and administrative use. This rider simplifies deployment even further by essentially creating a site-wide license.

Be aware that SPSS offers other bundles and terms for SPSS software directly to students, faculty, and staff.  This is not under the UW license.  See SPSS at general academic discount for details.

See the IBM SPSS Premium Edition site for details about the version available under UW license.

  • SPSS Modules include:
    • Advanced Statistics
    • Custom Tables
    • Forecasting
    • Regression
    • Tables Original
    • Trends Original
    • Data Preparation
    • Bootstrapping
    • Neural Networks
  • AMOS is NOT part of this package
  • License must be renewed annually
  • Software can be installed on both institutionally-owned and personal computers.

Compatibility with Mac OS

Licensing Details

  • UW IT cannot prorate or refund the cost of the SPSS license subscription.
  • SPSS license cannot be assigned to a shared UW NetID. Only personal NetID is eligible.

UW IT provides “Campus Edition” of the IBM SPSS. Description of this offering can be found here: IBM SPSS Statistics Campus Edition

IBM SPSS is available through an annual subscription, with the license period running from July 1 through June 30.


  • UW matriculated, currently registered undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this site license.
  • UW Affiliates not paid by the UW, visiting scholars, distance learning, and extension students are not eligible to purchase this software.
  • This software is for use on computers owned or leased by the UW or on the student, faculty, or staff person’s personal computer.

Get Software

Licenses for the next licensing period from July 1st to June 30th will be available on July 1st of this year.

We recommend using a wired network connection to download SPSS software.

If SPSS is already installed on your computer and you plan to continue using that version of the program, do not reinstall the application.

Find new Authorization code on this page *

  • Only users with an active SPSS license subscription obtained from the UW IT Software Licensing Team have access to this page.

Renew the license using IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard (LAW) as described here

Authorized user license

  • Current UW Students on personally-owned equipment:  Free
  • Current UW Faculty/Staff personally owned equipment:  $265.00
  • UW owned equipment:  $265.00
  • UW budget number is the only accepted form of payment. If you do not have access to a budget number you must acquire this software through another retailer.
  • UW faculty and staff Fill out and submit this request form.

The authorization code and the installer package are provided for the UW staff (after license request form is processed) SPSS v.27  SPSS v.26 SPSS v.25

Concurrent Use Licenses

Example: There are 50 computers in the lab. No more than 20 students will use SPSS at any given time. You request 20 concurrent licenses. You install SPSS on all 50 computers in the lab and configure License Manager with the authorization code generated for you by IBM.  Each new instance of SPSS requests a license from the Sentinel License Manager and if granted, takes one license out of the license pool of 20. The attempt to launch the 21st instance of SPSS will fail as the license pool is exhausted.

To Renew SPSS concurrent license use “Authorization code” generated for your deployment by the UW IT Software Licensing Team. This code is used with the License Manager you install. It is sent to the person indicated in the initial request as a “licensee”.

Remember to always use License Manager version matching version of SPSS that you use.

Any modules not offered under this license are available directly through IBM SPSS Inc. Contact IBM for details.

Get Help


Mac System Requirements This also includes a link to other operating systems.

Installation Instructions

IBM SPSS Support for documentation online. You will need to create an IBM ID to access these pages.

General Questions

SPSS Technical Support (requires creating an account with IBM, support is free)

Other Questions: Send email to or call 206-221-5000.

Last reviewed June 1, 2019