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CrashPlan Backup and Restore

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Code42 CrashPlan is an automatic desktop backup solution.  It runs silently in the background on all devices, without disrupting workflows or affecting device performance. Code42 CrashPlan provides real-time recovery so no matter what happens, you always have access to your data.

Use Code42 CrashPlan to protect, restore, and analyze endpoint data for your organization.

  • Unlimited real-time backup and recovery
  • Supports Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Up to four devices per user (laptops and desktops)
  • Use your NetID for secure access and convenience
  • Data is encrypted end-to-end during transfer to and from the cloud and while at rest
  • Previous versions are kept for each file
  • You choose what files and folders are backed up and you can restore them yourself anytime, anywhere
  • Backup data is compressed to minimize productivity interference.

Additional information can be found here.

 Program Details

CrashPlan is available for purchase annually, with twelve month contracts available in July expiring August 19th.

No additional licenses may be purchased outside of these purchasing window.

CrashPlan is assigned to a named user. Active licenses may not be transferred.

CrashPlan licenses auto renew at the end of each licensing period. An email must be sent to prior to August 1st informing us of your wish to cancel your subscription.

Named user licenses are assigned to an individual, may be installed on four devices and are only available to that user.

  • Named user license will not be assigned to a shared UW NetID.  CrashPlan licensing policy prohibits it.

The plan includes unlimited data backup for those four devices.

Pricing is as follows:

$110 for an annual subscription.

Once purchased, the license will be automatically renewed for the NEXT license subscription period.  To opt-out of the NEXT licensing cycle automatic renewal please submit an Opt-Out Request


  • Available to all faculty and staff with authorization from budget approver using valid budget number.
  • May only be installed on UW owned equipment.
  • Procurement cards and direct sales to individuals are not available at this time.

How to Order

Ordering for CrashPlan has closed. Ordering will re-open around June/July 0f 2020.  Please email if you have questions.


  • On how many devices can I use my CrashPlan license?
    • Unlimited data backup for up to four devices
  • Can I use this on grant-funded computers owned by other agencies?
    • Yes
  • What happens when an employee leaves?
    • The sub-org administrator would need to delete the separated employee’s archiving, freeing up the license for reassignment.
  • What happens to the backups belonging to one user when they leave? – Archives are placed into Cold Storage and are set for purging after that cold storage time. Licenses are still needed during that cold storage archival time. Cold Storage support page: Here
  • Can we transfer ownership of that user’s backups to another user? No. If you need continual access to the historical data, I would place that user on legal hold and keep them there until the data can safely be purged. If a manager needs access to that data 6 months from now they would be able to download with help from CrashPlan admin.If you need the data set to stay intact, and continue to grow that same data – like a job is being transferred for example, then I would use generic accounts, still bound to AD, to manage that backup set. So if you had, XRAY technician as an account, then when Bob leaves the company and his accounts are disabled the XRAY technician account in Code42 would continue on and could be maintained forever.
  • Can a machine backup be transferred between users, or would the new user have to start a new backup instance?If the retention history and version history are important then I would refer back to the XRAY technician example. Machine hardware can be pass around freely, but the data on the machine will be tied to 1 user account and we cannot move the data and the version history between users.
  • Where can I get help using this software?
  • Will our CDI reside in the U.S.—even in cloud deployments?
    • Yes. All data under this enterprise license agreement will reside in Washington State.
  • Is this service NIST 800-171 compliant?
    • CrashPlan is compatible with NIST 800-171 (Controlled Unclassified Information). To be compliant UW must also have policies and procedures in place that are clearly defined and followed explicitly. UW is in the process of developing the policies and procedures, and they are not yet available.
  • Is a BAA available for CrashPlan, for HIPAA compliance?
    • No. A BAA is in development.
  • Can I assign a license to a shared user account?
    • No. A license can only be assigned to a primary NetID.
  • Can a shared user account be used for the sub-org admin account?
    • While not recommended for security reasons, a shared NetID can be used as a the sub-org admin account.
Last reviewed August 9, 2019