IBM SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) provides data and statistical analysis, file management capabilities, graphics and reporting features. SPSS Modules include:

  • Advanced Statistics
  • Custom Tables
  • Forecasting
  • Regression
  • Tables Original
  • Trends Original
  • Data Preparation
  • Bootstrapping
  • Neural Networks


How to Get SPSS


  • Current UW Students are licensed to use SPSS free of charge for use on computers they own personally. To download the installer and student authorization code, click here.

Faculty, Staff, or UW-Owned Lab Computers

  • Faculty and staff may purchase SPSS through UWare by filling out the purchase request form “Order SPSS” below.
  • Concurrent licenses are available for lab computers on-campus or connected via VPN. We recommend purchasing a number of licenses equal to the maximum number of computers expected to be used concurrently.
  • Deployment of concurrent license requires installing Sentinel LM (License Manager) from IBM. The authorization code is entered in the LM server. The SPSS is configured to access the Sentinel LM you installed to check out the license. The local IT support team should be involved in deploying this license type.
  • Purchase requires a valid UW funding source via worktags and authorization from a budget coordinator.
  • No Procurement cards or direct sales to individuals are available.
  • SPSS is available through an annual subscription, with the license period running from July 1 through June 30.
  • UW-IT cannot prorate or refund the cost of the SPSS license subscription
  • UW-IT will automatically bill for the SPSS license in the next license cycle. Do NOT submit a new purchase request for an existing SPSS license.
Order SPSS

License Details

  • If you upgraded your Mac OS to 14 “Sonoma,” SPSS will need an IBM fix installed. Please find a fix pack in the first table, “SPSS FIXPACKS,” on this page
  • The authorized user license is assigned to an individual. The client application may be installed on up to two devices and is only available to that specific user.
  • An individual license can not be assigned to a shared UW NetID.
  • Once purchased, you will be automatically billed for your SPSS license annually unless you cancel the renewal before the cancellation deadline. For more information about the cancellation deadline or to submit a cancellation request form, visit: https://itconnect.uw.edu/tools-services-support/software-computers/uware/uw-software-renewal-cancellation-request/.
  • You will be required to re-activate your SPSS license every year. The Authorization codes are provided here. IBM provides renewal instructions here.



Additional Information


  • For individual Authorized User SPSS Licenses, you can install them on up to two machines/
  • For concurrent SPSS Licenses, you may install the software on as many computers as you wish but can only use the software on as many computers at once as you have licenses for. You must use the Sentinel License Manager to monitor license usage.

  • Yes

  • No.

  • The license can be transferred to another user at the department’s request.
  • The license can be canceled using the Cancellation Request Form. (Please read all the details related to cancellation.)

  • During installation, you will be prompted for a License Authorization Code. The authorization code is available for download on the same page from which you download the installer.

  • Renewed licenses are activated through the SPSS License Authorization Wizard (LAW). The authorization codes are provided on this page. IBM provides instructions on how to use the Wizard here

Quick Facts

Available for

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


PC, Mac


Authorized User License

  • Free for Students
  • $170 for Faculty/Staff

Concurrent User License

  • $170 per device


  • Free for Students
  • Statistics

Documentation and Support