eSignatures is signature management software that offers the ability to:

  • Send: Easily upload and send documents for electronic signature to people inside or outside the University
  • Receive: Signers receive and sign documents quickly, securely, and flexibly using phone, tablet, or computer
  • Manage: Check document status and send reminders

More information is available on the eSignatures IT Connect Page.

How to Get eSignatures

Departments interested in using eSignatures should reach out to UW-IT with the eSignatures Interest Form. Submitting the interest form initiates the onboarding process which will guide you through the steps necessary to ensure that your intended usage meets University policy and guidelines for use of eSignatures.

eSignatures Interest Form

License Details

  • eSignatures is limited to faculty and staff, specifically for education, research, and administrative activities.
  • Medical center and health care providers may not use eSignatures for patient-related care.
  • eSignatures are governed by University and Federal policies; it is not possible to send documents for electronic signature without going through the onboarding process.

Quick Facts

Available for

  • Faculty
  • Staff


Web Browser


Free for current UW staff and faculty for UW business purposes


  • Free
  • Productivity

Documentation and Support