ACTION REQUIRED to preserve content in UW Google Shared Drives (Reminder #1)

May 11, 2023

A version of this message was sent to affected audiences on 5/2/2023.


Please note: These changes affect only UW Google Shared Drives. These changes do not affect your consumer Google Drive or personal UW Google Drive. 

What is happening and when

UW Google Shared Drives (Shared Drives) that do not have a current UW employee with a UW email address in the Manager role have been restricted beginning March 22, 2023. (The Manager role is the highest level of permissions in a Shared Drive.) 

You will still be able to view and download existing files in restricted Shared Drives, but you will be unable to add new files to restricted Shared Drives. 

Any Shared Drives that are still restricted in August 2023, including all files within, will be permanently deleted beginning August 29, 2023.   

Important Dates 

  • March 22, 2023: Shared Drives without a current UW employee’s UW Google account in the Manager role were restricted.
  • Restricted Shared Drive names were changed on March 22 to indicate that they are now restricted.
  • (PENDING_DELETE_on_8-29-2023)– is appended to the name of the restricted Shared Drive.
  • Files in a restricted Shared Drive can still be accessed and the content downloaded, but the Shared Drive will not accept any further uploads or file updates.
  • August 29, 2023: Restricted Shared Drives and all files within them will be permanently deleted, with no option for recovery.

What you need to do 

If you do not want the restricted Shared Drives deleted, add a current UW Employee’s UW Google account (associated with their UW NetID) in the Manager role. 

If you no longer need the Shared Drive, download the files you wish to keep from a Shared Drive. 

Shared Drive policies 

The Shared Drive lifecycle policy now requires that all Shared Drives must have at least one current UW employee’s UW Google account in the Manager role. For more information regarding related UW policies, please see the following resources: 

What to do if you need help 

UW Google Changes project is the best resource for more information on the status, milestone and details of the project. 

We recommend that you consult first with your local IT support group, as they are the experts on your data and technology needs. If this is not an option for you, reach out to UW-IT at or 206-221-5000. 


Thank you for your understanding and support as the University of Washington adjusts to these significant changes.