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LastPass for Managed Workstation customers

Managed Workstation is deploying LastPass Enterprise, a password management system, which is now available on an opt-in basis.

What & Why

Managed Workstation has purchased LastPass Enterprise for all Managed Workstation users. LastPass helps improve password management practices by:

  • securely storing and generating complex passwords,
  • providing secure sharing mechanisms for passwords, both individually between users and via UW Groups
  • automatically entering usernames and passwords on most websites, including the UW web login interfaces,
  • providing warnings about password entry on malicious websites, or about at-risk or compromised passwords

We believe these security features are valuable to all users. LastPass is approved by the UW Office of the Chief Information Security Officer.


Adoption of LastPass is a self-service action taken by each individual user. We are not planning to send email to every MWS user to notify them of this new capability.

You are welcome to notify users in your unit and we encourage that. If you’d like help notifying your users, let us know.

Interested users will need the above information, along with the information documented at on how to get a LastPass Enterprise account created and setup.

More Info

It’s important to note that:

  • unlike most Managed Workstation services, customer account contacts will not be able to control whether their users get a LastPass account or not,
  • we cannot recover or reset lost or forgotten LastPass master passwords; lost or forgotten master passwords will result in the complete loss of all stored passwords that aren’t in a Shared Folder.

Our support for LastPass will be limited. We have some critical information documented and provide very basic assistance. Because this is a vendor provided solution and their documentation is excellent, we expect users to leverage the vendor resources for primary support. The LastPass Help Center is an excellent place to start.

Our documentation is available at

Thank you,

Brian Arkills
Managed Workstation Service Owner and Manager