RE: Microsoft Infrastructure documentation migration/consolidation

May 16, 2016

I’m back to report that this work is complete. All pages have a redirect to the new IT Connect location. If you have bookmarks or links to www.netid pages, you can now update them.


Here is an orientation for the refactored documentation site:

  • Use of UWWI has been replaced. ‘UWWI user’ and ‘UWWI group’ has been replaced with NETID user and NETID group. Exceptions include a few pictures (hunting down source files) and references which are out of our direct control (e.g. the UW NetID Support Tool still uses “UWWI” so our documentation must continue to reflect that). Feel free to let us know about “UWWI” instances you think we missed. J
  • The Communications page notes how to get ahold of us for urgent issues, and introduces the service mailing lists and how to subscribe or unsubscribe. Child pages include an index of all the MI service documentation (including pages not in IT Connect), all service newsletters, and all service notifications (since 2012). In addition to being an archive, this provides a different way for service customers to keep in touch—instead of being on this mi-announce mailing list, you can monitor that location instead. I’d stress that the index page is a good way to find things quickly.
  • The Service Design page includes capability maps that outline what we provide and our thoughts about the future, the architecture guide, and policy documents. This is mostly content that IT staff might need to reference to find out how the service is designed. Some of this content has gotten minor updates, and I’ve noted gaps for future documentation. Documenting our Entra ID integration is the most notable gap.
  • The Other Help page includes content which is only indirectly related to the MI service. These are typically topics for which we are the subject matter experts for or where additional explanation or background will help the UW community. The venerable ‘Windows domain setup at UW’ document is a good example of the type of document here. Clearly separating these documents provides a clearer expectation boundary about how these documents relate to the MI service. The FAQ is under here and has gotten a topical re-organization and some pruning. If you haven’t seen the extensive Entra ID terminology part of that FAQ, it’s worth a look.
  • And then the rest of the top-level pages are aligned with the capabilities the MI service provides: Software, Authentication integration, Entra ID, and Delegated OUs.


Brian Arkills

Microsoft Infrastructure Service Manager




From: Brian Arkills Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2016 3:15 PM To: ‘’ <> Subject: Microsoft Infrastructure documentation migration/consolidation


We’re combining our documentation into IT Connect. A few exceptions that don’t work well on that platform will remain in the UW-IT Wiki.


What and When:

Over the next several weeks, we will be migrating the Microsoft Infrastructure documentation into IT Connect ( Our documentation will live under


Our content has been splattered across multiple locations, including a web hosting platform we run for ourselves. It doesn’t make sense for us to run something separate, and consolidating on IT Connect should improve discoverability of that content.


Related to the service rename previously announced, we’ve already moved most of the content that was previously in the UW-IT wiki space named UW Windows Infrastructure to the IT Connect location noted above.


What You Need to Do:

This notice is partly advisory so you know to expect some changes, but you may also have an action to take.


If you host links to our content or have bookmarked pages, you may want to update them. Where we can, we’ll put in page redirects to the new location and maintain those old pages for 3 months to facilitate this. Because this documentation migration is not complete and will span a couple week period, we’ll send another note when we’re done so you know when to do that activity.


More Information:

Unfortunately, not all of our content can move to IT Connect. A few things will need to be on the UW-IT Wiki platform. We’ll clearly link to those pages, have navigation aids from those pages back to IT Connect, and clearly note that this wiki space is an ancillary location. That ancillary UW-IT Wiki space is, and it’ll have things like request forms, the public proposals with analysis we’ve previously shared, and other documents with flexible editing needs.


The web location will retire in about 3 months. It served us nicely for 10 years. J


Brian Arkills

Microsoft Infrastructure Service Manager