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MI Capability Map

This is a business capability map for the Microsoft Infrastructure service. You may also want to see the Azure AD business capability map.


This capability map displays relevant capabilities provided by the Microsoft Infrastructure service offering. This map includes both provided capabilities and possible future additional capabilities, as delivered by imagined future initiatives. Initiatives shown are not commitments, and require prioritization and resourcing. If the initiatives shown represent future capabilities that are important to you, you are encouraged to voice your needs and support to influence prioritization and resourcing.

On the left, you’ll find the desired outcomes from the business. These influence the stakeholder goals for the service which are represented in the 2nd column.

Each goal has a color which is used to show how the other things on the map align to that goal.

The core capabilities are in the 3rd column.

The 4th column lists the possible capabilities we’ve imagined or heard via a customer request. This provides an idea of what we think is possible.

The 5th column lists initiatives we have some level of planning for–things further out will have less planning. These initiatives may introduce new capabilities or improve existing capabilities.

In the Key at the bottom, you’ll see devices or symbols used in the map; italics mean we do not currently provide whatever that thing is. Not that in some cases, there are core capabilities which we do not yet provide.

PDF of MI Capability Map

PDF of MI Capability Map (early 2018)

PDF of MI Capability Map (2016/archive)