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Teaching and Learning

Access teaching & learning tools and research, and find technology training and spaces

Teaching and learning tools

  • Canvas is the official learning management system of the UW, used in many UW courses.
  • Panopto is the UW-IT supported lecture capture solution, allowing for easy recording and viewing of videos from courses, lectures and presentations.
  • Poll Everywhere brings interactive learning to your course. Poll Everywhere is an audience response system that students can use on their own devices. No clicker required!
  • Notify.UW sends notifications about course availability. UW NetID holders who subscribe to Notify.UW can choose to be notified via email and/or SMS text message when classes they are interested in either become available or close during quarter registration.
  • MyPlan Academic Planner is an academic planning tool available to current and prospective University of Washington students to help them develop a plan for their education.
  • Prereq Map visually represents the prerequisite relationships among courses, making it easy to navigate the complex landscape of prerequisites.
  • MyUW is the front portal of University of Washington for anybody with a UW NetID. Access the web resources you need to fulfill your goals at the university.
  • Scout™ is an application designed to help students at the University of Washington find campus study spaces, campus food and tech items that meet specific criteria.
  • More teaching and learning tools are available. Find out more.

Accessible Information Technology

  • People using UW services and websites have a wide range of abilities and use many different technologies. Get an overview of accessible information technology through the UW.
  • The Access Technology Center (ATC) serves users with disabilities, allowing full use of campus computing resources. ATC hardware and software provides braille, alternate document formatting and magnification for blind/low-vision users, keyboard/mouse alternatives, speech-input software, and more.
  • Classroom furniture and equipment that works for everyone is offered through Campus Technology & Events.

Technology spaces

  • Find spaces to study, learn, and work. From collaboration pods and learning commons, to active learning classrooms, sound, and video studies, the UW offers an abundance of technology spaces for UW students, faculty and staff.
  • Use Scout™ to help you find technology spaces that suit your needs.

Technology training

  • UW-IT and campus partners offer technology workshops, online tutorials, and training. Find technology training opportunities at the UW.
  • Free Learning Technologies workshops are offered for teaching tools such as Canvas, Lecture Capture, and digital creation tools like HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, and more. Online tutorials are also offered.

Technology Help Desk and the Computer Vet

  • Assistance with software and hardware available in the Odegaard Learning Commons is available at the Technology Help Desk, and the Computer Vet is a free service offered only to UW students, faculty and staff to assist with software problems on personal computers.

Teaching and learning research

  • Read about the user-centered research used by the University of Washington to investigate the technology and support needs to UW’s faculty, researchers, students and staff in teaching and learning research.

Prepare for when classes can’t meet

  • Educators, do you know how your course can continue if classes don’t meet on a UW campus? Use this guide to preparing for when classes can’t meet to ensure your course can continue even when nobody is in the classroom.

Technology keys

  • In some classrooms, educators need a Technology Key to gain access to portable equipment cart padlocks and locked drawers of teaching podia.
Last reviewed September 17, 2019