New mailing list & communication practices for Nebula

We’ll be making a couple changes to the way the Nebula service communicates with you.   This mailing list will continue to function as a 1 way communication channel for important announcements. This will continue to include things like changes to the service design, and other broadly useful communication. My goal is to keep communication…

Nebula Fall Brown Bag

Thanks to those who joined us for the Nebula Fall Brown Bag!  Brian Arkills was there; Brian is the new Service Manager, responsible for managing the service and its quality (Rebecca still manages the team that delivers the service).  Brian talked about: Better communications to customers for more timely information, including semi-annual newsletters. Migration to…

Changes to Nebula Support Request

The familiar Nebula Support Request program is getting a makeover.  It will now take you to a web form which will send your mail to the Nebula Support team as always. Old:   New:    This change will be coming soon to your desktop.  If you have questions, please let us know.  Thank you.

All XP systems were removed from the Nebula domain

Per Microsoft’s announcement, it will stop supplying fixes and security patches to Windows XP as of April 8, 2014.  Here is the timeline for the Nebula Managed Desktop Service and Windows XP: 12/31/13:  target for Windows XP systems to be retired or replaced within the Nebula domain. 01/01/14: Nebula software packages no longer developed for…

Nebula Technical Contacts Group Spring Meeting, 2014

Nebula Technical Contacts Spring 2014 Meeting