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UWSDBDataStore Reorg on February 1, 2020


The student database (SDB) will go through a reorganization on February 1, 2020 which will cause changes in the Enterprise Data Warehouse database, UWSDBDataStore. These changes to the objects will be available in the UWSDBDataStore on Monday, February 3, 2020. (However, data on the new objects will be available as soon as the Data Custodians submit the  security role definitions and the SIS team loads the data.) *

(last modified: 2.1.2020)

New columns to be added: 

Table Name Column Name Data Type Description
 budget_resources br_bgt_code_calc char(2) Budget code calculated by budget calc library, P404
dl_origination dl_ibc_comp_flg char(1) Informed Borrower Completion (Y/N).
dl_ibc_comp_dt datetime Informed Borrower Completion Date.
dl_ibc_comp_id char(12) Informed Borrower Completion ID.
sa_sf_awards_awards sum_request_amt decimal(7,2) Summer loan Amount requested by student.
aut_request_amt decimal(7,2) Autumn loan Amount requested by student.
win_request_amt decimal(7,2) Winter loan Amount requested by student.
spr_request_amt decimal(7,2) Spring loan Amount requested by student .
awrd_request_dt datetime Request Date (CCYYMMDD).
awrd_request_id char(12) Request ID
sf_evaluation s_drt_rev_dt datetime Date the Student DRT is reviewed.
p_drt_rev_dt datetime Date the Parent DRT is reviewed.
sf_eval_outside_aid_area oa_award_code int Over Award Budget or Fund Number.
sf_history vebo_grnt_elg_ovr char(1) Veterans grant eligibility override


Data type change:

Table Name Column Name Old Data Type New Data Type
sr_room_master_attribute sr_room_char_cnt smallint int