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UWSDBDataStore changes for August 9,2021

July 15, 2021

The EDW team will perform housecleaning on the UWSBDataStore  on August 9, 2021. This is to make some column names, data types and nullability constraints to be exactly aligned to the source system.

Please take note of the changes below which may affect your queries and reports.

Send all questions and concerns to, with the subject line: “UWSDBDataStore Changes 08.09.2021“.

Column Rename

sys_tbl_39_calendar fifth_yr_reg_dt_c2 fifth_yr_rg_dt_c2

Data Type Change

APPLHISTAdmInst appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTAdmInst inst_type smallint tinyint
APPLHISTAdmInst system_key decimal int
APPLHISTAdmInst trans_campus smallint tinyint
APPLHISTAdmInst trans_required smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication aa_degree smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication advance_payment smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication ai_college smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication ai_high_sch smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication appl_branch smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication appl_evening smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication appl_fee smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication appl_no smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication appl_status smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication chosen_inst_rsn smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication class smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication conditional smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication deg_lvl_goal smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication direct_transfer smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication eop_group smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication fac_staff_adm smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication grad_status smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication honors_requested smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication hs_def_arts smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_def_english smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_def_for_lang smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_def_math smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_def_science smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_def_soc_sci smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_for_lang_type smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_for_lang_yrs smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_math_level smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_yrs_arts smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_yrs_english smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_yrs_for_lang smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_yrs_math smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_yrs_science smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication hs_yrs_soc_sci smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication int_financl_stat smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication int_foreign_type smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication int_teaching_asst smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication last_school_type smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication ncr_code smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication paid_waived smallint bit
APPLHISTApplication pts_activities smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication pts_cult_divers smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication pts_econ_disadv smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication pts_other_disadv smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication pts_parent_educ smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication pts_under_rep smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_acad_overall smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_activities smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_cult_divers smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_econ_disadv smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_essay_qual smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_other_disadv smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_parent_educ smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_sup_overall smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication rank_under_rep smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication resident smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication special_program smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplication system_key decimal int
APPLHISTApplMajor appl_no smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplMajor appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplMajor branch smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplMajor deg_level smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplMajor deg_type smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplMajor evening smallint bit
APPLHISTApplMajor pathway smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplMajor system_key decimal int
APPLHISTApplReqMajor appl_no smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplReqMajor appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplReqMajor req_branch smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplReqMajor req_deg_level smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplReqMajor req_deg_type smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplReqMajor req_evening smallint bit
APPLHISTApplReqMajor req_pathway smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplReqMajor system_key decimal int
APPLHISTApplSports appl_no smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplSports appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplSports sport_code smallint tinyint
APPLHISTApplSports system_key decimal int
APPLHISTStudent appl_no smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent child_of_alum smallint bit
APPLHISTStudent esl_req_100a smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent esl_req_100b smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent esl_req_100c smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent esl_req_101a smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent esl_req_101b smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent esl_req_102 smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent fac_staff_admit smallint bit
APPLHISTStudent req_esl_diag_test smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent req_speak smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudent sex smallint bit
APPLHISTStudent system_key decimal int
APPLHISTStudentEthnic appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudentEthnic system_key decimal int
APPLHISTStudentHispanic appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudentHispanic system_key decimal int
APPLHISTStudentHold appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudentHold hold_type smallint tinyint
APPLHISTStudentHold system_key decimal int
APPLHISTTestScores appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTTestScores non_stand_admin smallint bit
APPLHISTTestScores revised_score smallint bit
APPLHISTTestScores system_key decimal int
APPLHISTTestScores test_pctile smallint tinyint
APPLHISTTestScores test_source smallint tinyint
APPLHISTTransfer appl_qtr smallint tinyint
APPLHISTTransfer system_key decimal int
sa_wd_sum_tran wd_sum_proc_date datetime int
sa_wd_sum_tran wd_sum_trans_date datetime int
sys_tbl_19_disability_grp table_subkey smallint tinyint
sys_tbl_19_disability_grp table_type smallint tinyint

Nullability Change

APPLHISTStudent child_of_alum YES NO
APPLHISTStudent fac_staff_admit YES NO
APPLHISTTestScores non_stand_admin YES NO
APPLHISTTestScores revised_score YES NO
budget_resources br_block_budget YES NO
budget_resources br_boolean_14 YES NO
budget_resources br_boolean_15 YES NO
budget_resources br_boolean_16 YES NO
budget_resources br_budget_active YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_budget_cd YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_campus YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_class YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_college YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_deg_level YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_deg_type YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_dependency YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_enroll_st YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_major_abbr YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_pathway YES NO
budget_resources br_ovr_resident YES NO
dl_supl_plus sp_borr_ssn YES NO
dl_supl_plus sp_std_ssn YES NO
du_plus du_ssnorig YES NO
sa_account account_flag_21 YES NO
sa_account account_flag_22 YES NO
sa_account hold_late_fee YES NO
sa_distribution distr_esf_forf YES NO
sa_distribution distr_fas_interfa YES NO
sa_distribution distr_flag5 YES NO
sa_distribution distr_flag6 YES NO
sa_distribution distr_flag7 YES NO
sa_distribution distr_flag8 YES NO
sa_distribution distr_forfeiture YES NO
sa_sf_fund disb_to_upass YES NO
sa_wd_sum_tran wd_sum_trans_date YES NO
sf_book_table book_class YES NO
sf_book_table book_grad_status YES NO
sf_book_table book_major_abbr YES NO
sf_book_table book_term_code YES NO
sf_book_table book_year_code YES NO
sf_budget_codes bc_budget_code YES NO
sf_budget_codes bc_commuter YES NO
sf_budget_codes bc_marital YES NO
sf_budget_codes bc_no_fam_members YES NO
sf_budget_codes bc_no_in_college YES NO
sf_budget_codes bc_year_code YES NO
sf_evaluation addl_unsub_elig YES NO
sf_evaluation adj_gross_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation appl_acknowledged YES NO
sf_evaluation budget_calculated YES NO
sf_evaluation bus_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation cash_ass_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation commuter YES NO
sf_evaluation dad_inc_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation evening YES NO
sf_evaluation faf_boolean_6 YES NO
sf_evaluation faf_boolean_7 YES NO
sf_evaluation faf_boolean_8 YES NO
sf_evaluation farm_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation folder YES NO
sf_evaluation grad_minority YES NO
sf_evaluation mom_inc_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation mtf_select_flg YES NO
sf_evaluation no_coll_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation no_fam_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation no_tax_exmp_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation oth_untax_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation ovrd_p_pc_zero YES NO
sf_evaluation ovrd_s_sc_zero YES NO
sf_evaluation p_bus_nw_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_chld_sp_rcv_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_chld_sup_pd_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_co_op_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation p_combat_pay_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_educ_credts_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_farm_nw_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_grt_sch_aid_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_interst_inc_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_inv_nw_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_ira_distrib_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_ira_pmt_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_mil_clrg_al_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_ned_bsd_emp_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_othr_untxd_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_pension_pmt_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_untxd_pens_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_vet_non_ed_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_wka_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation p_wka_untax_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_wkb_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation p_wkb_inc_exc_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation p_wkc_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation re_inv_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_adj_gross_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_bus_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_bus_nw_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_cash_ass_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_chld_sp_rcv_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_chld_sup_pd_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_co_op_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_combat_pay_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_educ_credts_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_farm_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_farm_nw_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_grt_sch_aid_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_interst_inc_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_inv_nw_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_ira_distrib_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_ira_pmt_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_mil_clrg_al_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_ned_bsd_emp_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_no_coll_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_no_fam_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_no_tax_exmp_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_oth_untax_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_othr_nn_rpt_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_othr_untxd_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_pension_pmt_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_re_inv_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_ss_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_untxd_pens_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_us_tax_inc_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_vet_mth_amt_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_vet_no_mth_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_vet_non_ed_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_wka_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_wka_untax_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_wkb_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation s_wkb_inc_exc_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation s_wkc_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation ser_corrected_rev YES NO
sf_evaluation sf_boolean_20 YES NO
sf_evaluation sf_boolean_21 YES NO
sf_evaluation sf_boolean_22 YES NO
sf_evaluation sf_boolean_23 YES NO
sf_evaluation sf_boolean_24 YES NO
sf_evaluation sps_inc_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation ss_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation std_inc_blank YES NO
sf_evaluation sumr_pr_stdnt YES NO
sf_evaluation system_key YES NO
sf_evaluation us_tax_inc_blk YES NO
sf_evaluation year_code YES NO
sf_room_board_tbl rb_budget_code YES NO
sf_room_board_tbl rb_grad_status YES NO
sf_room_board_tbl rb_term_code YES NO
sf_room_board_tbl rb_year_code YES NO
sf_transportation tt_branch YES NO
sf_transportation tt_budget_code YES NO
sf_transportation tt_class YES NO
sf_transportation tt_grad_status YES NO
sf_transportation tt_major YES NO
sf_transportation tt_term_code YES NO
sf_transportation tt_year_code YES NO
sf_tuition t_branch YES NO
sf_tuition t_class YES NO
sf_tuition t_grad_tier YES NO
sf_tuition t_major YES NO
sf_tuition t_resident YES NO
sf_tuition t_start_qtr YES NO
sf_tuition t_start_yr YES NO
sf_tuition t_term_code YES NO
sf_tuition t_year_code YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_branch YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_class YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_deg_level YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_deg_type YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_dist_learning YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_major YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_pathway YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_resident YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_start_qtr YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_start_yr YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_term_code YES NO
sf_tuition_except te_year_code YES NO
sr_degree deg_hlth_sciences YES NO
sr_degree deg_visa_inelig YES NO
sr_enroll_confirm ec_appl_type YES NO
sr_enroll_confirm ec_campus YES NO
sr_enroll_confirm ec_last_eff_qtr YES NO
sr_enroll_confirm ec_last_eff_yr YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_acc_6 YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_acc_7 YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_acc_8 YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_alt_fmt YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_capt YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_cr_ld YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_pri_reg YES NO
sr_stu_disability stu_disab_reloc YES NO
student_1 disab_regis_prio YES NO
student_1 disability_regis YES NO
sys_tbl_19_disability_grp record_type YES NO
sys_tbl_21_ethnic ethnic_inactive YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_flag_5 YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_flag_6 YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_flag_7 YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_flag_8 YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_grad_deg YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_half_time YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_ssn_chgd YES NO
tra97_student tra97_s_zero_ssn YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_deleted YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_flag_4 YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_flag_5 YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_flag_6 YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_flag_7 YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_flag_8 YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_next_yr YES NO
tra97_transaction tra97_t_prior_yr YES NO