Support Available for HRPWS v2 to v3 Transition

August 31, 2022

We’re making some big changes to how Human Resource/Payroll (HRP) data is modeled in HRPWS. Current users must take action before HRPWS v2 retires—scheduled for the end of 2022.

The purpose of these changes is to better reflect the Workday data structure and create better parity between HRPWS and the EDW. This allows us to more quickly adapt to future changes in Workday and provides more clarity and consistency for users who leverage this data.

At a high level, these changes include the following:

  • New Resources – Data that was under a single resource is now spread across several new resources that better represent the data.
  • Deprecated Objects – Some key objects that were originally created to model legacy HR concepts have been removed. These objects were not compatible with the Workday model.

Watch this short video to learn more about what’s new in HRPWS v3.

Transition Support is Available!

Documentation is available to support this transition work. Refer to the following pages to get started:

  • Transitioning from HRPWS v2 to v3 – This resource guides users through the transition from v2 to v3, which includes:
    • Updating field mapping
    • Addressing deprecated fields
    • Considering the context of compensation and organization assignment data
    • Reevaluating HRPWS data usage, when necessary, to account for deprecations and context changes.
  • HRPWS for Finance Transformation – This page provides information on the different environments available, including the recommended environment for transitioning users.

We want to hear your questions, comments, and solutions! Please engage with us via the following channels:

  • HRPWS Customer Portal – We’re always looking to improve our documentation. Please use the page comment feature to provide feedback on any page within this space.
  • Support | HRPWS – Refer to this page for guidance on who to contact for various support scenarios.