Streamlining Security for Admissions Reporting in the BI Portal

February 7, 2024

Two resources in the BI Portal leverage the same data: UW Admissions Cube and All Applications Report. In an effort to streamline security for this data, we recently deployed security updates to both of these resources.

Why was this change necessary?

Historically, access to the UW Admissions Cube and All Applications Report was managed separately, meaning that a user could have access to one resource, but not the other. This change allows us to grant user access at the data level, which ensures consistency in data management.

I no longer have access. What should I do?

The data accessed through these resources must be handled with care—it includes sensitive student data, data that could be misinterpreted and data that should only be communicated to students via the Office of Admissions. Therefore, action is required to gain or maintain access:

  1. Watch this Proper Data Usage (2-minute) video.

    Note: You will need to be connected to the VPN to access this video.

  2. Email and include “Access to Data in the UW Admissions Cube or All Applications Report” in the subject line. Make sure to indicate that you watched the video.