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RPG Release: Registration Hold Information Now on Student Degree Info Report

Based on user feedback, the Report Prioritization Group just released an update to the Student Degree Information report. Run the report to see for yourself!

Change Summary:

Based on a user request, the report now includes Registration Hold Details. The primary use for this information is to allow advisers and others to look at students who have applied to graduate in a future quarter, but currently have a registration hold.

  • Columns to Display
    • This filter now includes a “Reg Hold” option.
    • When a user selects Reg Hold, the report now displays three new columns.
  • New Columns:
    • Reg Hold:
      • This column is sortable to easily identify students with registration holds (“Y”)
    • Hold Office:
      • This column displays the office that placed the hold.
      • If a student has more than one registration hold, those offices display as a comma separated list.
    • Hold Reason:
      • This column displays the free-text description of the reason for the registration hold.
      • If a student has more than one registration hold, those reasons display as a comma separated list.

Questions and Feedback:

This report references many UW institutional concepts, including Student Hold. To get detailed definitions for this and other terms, please check out Knowledge Navigator!

As always, if you have any questions, please write and put “RPG: Student Degree Information” in the subject line.