Preparation for UWFT Go Live – Request Access to FWS PROD by 6/2/23

June 1, 2023

The Enterprise Web Services (EWS) team is preparing to transition Financial Web Service (FWS) access for UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) Go Live.

Changes to FWS Environments at UWFT Go Live

When UWFT goes live, FWS v1 Outbound will freeze and FWS v2 Outbound and FWS Inbound will move to Production. At a high-level, these changes are summarized as follows:

FWS Offering FWS Environments Today FWS Environments at UWFT Go Live
FWS v1 Outbound Production (PROD) Still available, but data will be frozen.
FWS v2 Outbound Evaluation (EVAL) EVAL (Workday Sandbox tenant)


PROD (Workday UW tenant)

FWS Inbound Evaluation (EVAL); End-to-End Testing (E2E)

If you or your system/integration have access to an FWS environment today, this access will not automatically transfer to the FWS PROD environment at UWFT Go Live. You must specifically request access to this new PROD environment.

Requirements for X.509 Certificates for FWS v2 Outbound PROD

To access FWS v2 Outbound PROD, an X.509 certificate is required. The X.509 certificate must meet one of the following criteria in order to access FWS PROD at Go Live:

  • System/integration-based (e.g.,
  • Department-based (e.g.,

If your X.509 certificate meets this criteria, you can reuse it when you request access to the PROD environment; however, please be aware that access to FWS v2 Outbound EVAL was previously provisioned for NetIDs (e.g., jdoe) and individual-based X.509 certificates (e.g.,—in this case, a new certificate is required.

Action Required by Friday 6/2/23

Over the last three weeks, the EWS team has reached out to contacts who currently have access to FWS v2 Outbound and FWS Inbound EVAL environments to inform them that they must request access to PROD. If you have requested access (and updated your x.509 certificate, if needed) in response to this outreach, no further action is required.

However, if you have not received this outreach or have not yet responded and need access to FWS PROD at UWFT Go Live, please take the following action by EOD Friday, 6/2/23:

If you need access to… Then…
FWS v2 Outbound PROD
  1. Ensure you have an X.509 certificate that is system, integration, or department-based.
  2. Request access for FWS v2.
FWS Inbound PROD Request access for FWS v2.

If you have questions or concerns, please email