New Version of HRP Web Service Aligns with Finance Transformation

May 9, 2023

We recently retired HRP Web Service (HRPWS) v2 and deployed v3 to PRODUCTION. This change better aligns HRPWS with the UW Finance Transformation (UWFT).
Thank you to all our users for adapting to this change. We appreciate your support and partnership!

Please ensure all current and future integrations point to HRPWS v3!

Check out the new customer portal!

We’ve updated the HRP Web Service l HRPWS customer portal to reflect the retirement of v2 and introduce some revised service parameters:

  • Removed v2 content to streamline the customer experience.
  • Updated the Memorandum of Understanding l HRPWS to communicate key resources, environment considerations, and release policies.

Please watch this space for updates. To do so, display the portal, click Watch in the upper right corner, and then select Watch all content in this space to be notified of updates related to HRPWS.

Engage with us!

We want to hear your questions, comments, and solutions! Please engage with us via the following channels:

  • HRP Web Service | HRPWS customer portal – We’re always looking to improve our documentation. Please use the page comment feature to provide feedback on any page within this space.
  • hrpws-users Mailman List – Subscribe to receive important communications and maintenance notices for HRPWS.
  • Support | HRPWS – Refer to this page for guidance on who to contact for various support scenarios.