Managed Workstation COVID-19 updates

March 24, 2020

UW-IT will be working from home until June. This includes all of the Managed Workstation team. In these uncertain times we’re doing our best to balance our customer needs with being cautious with our own staff.

Computer Imaging

The OSD image installation process is highly dependent on UW network resources, and doesn’t work from a remote location.

We offer instructions on the self-service process to image the machine and the steps to have it joined to the domain under the Managed Workstation Service here:

Our usual high-touch approach has a number of problems during this crisis, including lack of good social distancing protocols, disinfecting practices for computer hardware, and violating direction from the UW and WA state governor.  We’ve thought carefully about balancing customer value with the potential risk and self-service imaging is the best option we have.

If there is a specific need you have, please let us know and we can work together to find alternate solutions.

Maintaining workstation connection to the UW network

We have taken steps to ensure that computers are not dropped off the domain for inactivity during this time.  However, in order to maintain a good working relationship between computers and the UW network the Managed Workstation service suggests that all computers taken off the UW network be logged in and connected to the Managed Workstation VPN service for 2 hours a week.

VPN Server Capacity

Connections to the Managed Workstation VPN have been increasing in volume each day for the past 3 weeks.  With this in mind, we are taking steps to increase capacity.  This process should be completed within the next 2 weeks.

Office Hours

Managed Workstation staff will be available for virtual office hours via Zoom on Thursday, March 26 from 10-11:30. Send an email to to get a meeting invitation.


Kim Frye
Managed Workstation Service Manager
UW Information Technology
University of Washington