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EWS EVAL Release 8 is now available

April 28, 2022

Enterprise Web Services (EWS) has just released an update in EVAL for multiple web services in support of UW Finance Transformation (UWFT). For an overview of how EWS is adapting to support UWFT, refer to EWS for Finance Transformation.

Monthly Scheduled Releases

Updates to EVAL for all EWS services are now released on the same monthly schedule. This allows us to better synchronize with Enterprise Data Platform’s release schedule for Finance Transformation. For more information, refer to the Data Availability Timeline.

What’s New in EWS Release 8

Web Service

Overview of Release

FWS v2 (Outbound)
  • Several existing fields and resources have been updated.
  • Some endpoints have been removed per FT Functional team recommendation.
  • Several new fields have been added.
  • Some breaking changes were introduced.
  • Minor bug fixes.

For more information, refer to FWS v2 Outbound R8 Release Notes. For support, refer to Support | FWS.

FWS v2 (Inbound)
  • Validate Worktags is a new resource now available from FWS Inbound.
  • Submission ID type used by FWS Inbound updated to ULID.

For more information, refer to FWS v2 Inbound R8 Release Notes. For support, refer to Support | FWS.

PWS v2 There are no changes planned for PWS v2 for FT, however, we are now providing an instance in EVAL pointing to Workday Tenant UW13 to support FT development and testing.

For support, refer to PWS Support Information.