EWS EVAL Release 21 is Now Available

May 25, 2023

Enterprise Web Services (EWS) has released an update in EVAL for multiple web services in support of UW Finance Transformation (UWFT). For an overview of how EWS is adapting to support UWFT, refer to EWS for Finance Transformation.

Monthly Scheduled Releases

  • EVAL: Updates to EVAL environments for all EWS services are released on the same monthly schedule. This allows us to better synchronize with Enterprise Data Platform’s release schedule for Finance Transformation. For more information, refer to the Data Availability Timeline.
  • PROD: Updates to PROD environments for all EWS services reflect changes from the previous month’s EVAL release (for example, if EVAL reflects Release 21, then PROD reflects Release 20).

What’s New in EWS Release 21

Web Service Overview of Release
FWS v2 (Outbound)
  • Introduced Breaking Changes by removing the /CatalogItem resource and any associated entities.
  • Added search parameters to the following resources: /CustomListValue, /LedgerAccount, /LedgerAccountSummary, and /Location.
  • Added new endpoints for search within the following resources: /WorkdayHierarchy and Generic Search (/SearchID).
  • Fixed a few field HREFs to point to the correct endpoints in the following resources: /Gift and /SupplierContract.
  • Fixed mappings for a couple fields in the /Award resource.
  • Fixed an issue in the /Award resource that was preventing some records from updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in some hierarchy-based resources that was displaying the Top-Level Hierarchy value incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue in many resources that was allowing ‘null’ Inactive records to appear alongside ‘Active’ records.
  • Updated a number of fields across the web service to allow for a “null” state.
  • Updated Swagger documentation for the /SearchID resource to explain the result maximum.
  • Updated Swagger metadata for all resources.

For more information, refer to FWS Reference Data (Outbound) – Release 21. For support, refer to Support | FWS.

FWS Common Transactions (Inbound)
  • Fixed line number ordering for ISD transactions. Previously, the line numbers were off by one.

For more information, refer to FWS Common Transactions (Inbound) – Release 21. For support, refer to Support | FWS.

  • Fixed an issue in many resources that was allowing ‘null’ Inactive records to appear alongside ‘Active’ records.

For more information, refer to HRPWS v3 – Release 21. For support, refer to Support | HRPWS.

Join Us for FWS Inbound Office Hours

FWS Inbound Subject Matter Experts are now available every Friday from 10:00am to 11:00am to answer your questions. If possible, please submit questions ahead of time to fws-support@uw.edu.

You can either sign up ahead of time or drop by during the session: 

Change to EWS EVAL Server Endpoint

There were previously two endpoints for the EWS EVAL Server: https://it-wseval1.s.uw.edu/ and https://wseval.s.uw.edu/. We have implemented a new load balancer, which removed it-wseval1 as an available endpoint. This change took effect in EWS EVAL environments on 5/25/23. Any configurations or bookmarks that still point to it-wseval1 will break.

Recommended Action – Evaluate EVAL Endpoints

If you haven’t done so already, please evaluate your configurations or bookmarks to ensure they point to the correct endpoint: https://wseval.s.uw.edu/. If they are already pointing to wseval, no action is required.

For support with this change, contact ews-support@uw.edu.

Resource Worktag Error

If you’re receiving a missing Resource worktag error when posting common transactions via FWS Inbound, your system or integration may be impacted by the most recent Tenant 5 build, which became available in UW13 on 4/17/23. In this case, you will need to update your system remediation and integration and then retest. To learn more, refer to Resource Worktag: Updated System Integration Requirements.

Transitioning Access for FWS v2 Outbound and FWS Inbound to Production

We are preparing to transition FWS v2 Outbound and FWS Inbound access for Go Live and will be reaching out to users to ensure access is provisioned correctly. Please watch for more information via email next week.

HRPWS v3 EVAL for UWFT Environment

We have set up an HRPWS v3 EVAL environment that points to Workday UW13 data to support UWFT. We encourage all current HRPWS users to connect their current solutions to this environment before Go Live to become familiar with how the data will change and to adapt if needed.