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Column Change: EarnType in BudgetActivityDetail

The Change

The length for column EarnType (description) in the BudgetActivityDetail table has been increased from a varchar(25) to a varchar(255). This change will occur in the following ODS tables:

  • BudgetActivityDetail
  • BudgetActivityDetail2Bien
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBiennium
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBienniumMinus1
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBienniumMinus2
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBienniumMinus3
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBienniumMinus4
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBienniumMinus5
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBienniumMinus6
  • BudgetActivityDetailCurrentBienniumMinus7

How will this affect me?

If you query the tables directly, you may be affected. If you use the BI Portal, you will not be affected.

This change will appear in the ODS on Monday, February 4th.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please write and put “Column Change: EarnType in BudgetActivityDetail” in the subject line.