ACTION REQUIRED: Use of UW Google with Shared UW NetID ends August 29, 2023 (Reminder #5)

July 27, 2023

A version of this reminder message was sent to owners and administrators of Shared UW NetIDs with a UW Google account on July 25, 2023. Messages included a customized list of Shared UW NetIDs, owned or administered by the recipient, and associated with UW Google services.

What is happening?

Due to changes to the UW Google service, the use of UW Google with Shared UW NetIDs will be eliminated, effective August 29, 2023. Owners and administrators of Shared UW NetIDs must migrate UW Google content or delete data that is no longer needed (according to the UW Records Retention schedule and the UW Medicine Records Retention schedule).
Any data that is not removed from these services will be deleted after August 29, 2023.
Please note that Shared UW NetIDs are not being deleted; only UW Google accounts and services for Shared UW NetIDs are being deleted.

What is affected by this change?

ALL Google and third-party products and services associated with a Shared UW NetID are affected. The following is a short list of critical services and/or uses that are impacted by the change:
YouTube channels

  • ALL YouTube channels that were set up using a Shared UW NetID are affected.
    • To save the channel, including all stats (views, likes, comments, etc.), you must convert to a YouTube Brand account.
    • The YouTube Brand account conversion process requires ten (10) days to complete. Do not wait until the day before the shutdown to start this process!
      UW email.
  • Google Drive content.
  • Third-party apps, websites and services that the Shared UW NetID is used to log into.

What do I need to do?

Review the lists of Shared UW NetIDs that you administer at the end of this message.

Create a migration plan for email, files and business processes that must be retained.

Review alternatives to UW Google for Shared UW NetIDs.

Contact the owner of the Shared UW NetID(s) to complete any retention work that you cannot do as an administrator.

IMPORTANT: Many Shared UW NetIDs were set up by an owner who is not actively using the account, relying instead on administrators to maintain. Please do no assume that the owner of a Shared UW NetID has taken necessary action for the upcoming changes. Contact the owner to confirm a plan of action for Shared UW NetID(s) before August 29, 2023.

If the UW Google account is no longer needed, the owner should revoke access to UW Google services for the account using the Provisioning Request Tool (PRT). This will delete the UW Google account and data.

An important note about email

If the Shared UW NetID account is used for communicating via email, the mail forwarding needs to be changed prior to August 29, 2023. Otherwise, any emails sent to the Shared UW NetID email address will bounce back to the sender as undeliverable after the UW Google services are removed on August 29, 2023. Learn how to change the email forwarding from UW Google to UW O365.

Is it possible to pay to keep services associated with Shared UW NetIDs?

No, it is not possible. The removal of Shared UW NetIDs from use with Google services is driven by the requirement to comply with Google’s new terms of service, which define the use of Shared UW NetIDs as a violation of Google’s acceptable use policy.

When do I need to migrate my data?

All data that needs to be preserved in UW Google accounts for Shared UW NetIDs must be moved to a new location by August 29, 2023. All UW Google accounts and data for Shared UW NetIDs will be deleted after that date.

WARNING: YouTube channels must be converted to a YouTube Brand account which requires ten (10) days minimum to complete. This process should be started no later than August 12, 2023.

Can UW-IT help me migrate my data?

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, UW-IT is unable to offer individualized data migration consulting or assistance. Your department’s IT group is your best resource for assistance and recommendations.

Review alternatives to UW Google for Shared UW NetIDs and data migration guides

Can I stop receiving these reminders?

You will receive periodic reminders about moving content from the affected UW Google accounts. If you prefer not to receive these messages, the owner of a Shared UW NetID can delete the UW Google account for a Shared UW NetID using the Provisioning Request Tool (PRT) by clicking “Revoke” next to the service. This will delete the UW Google account and all data.

Please note that only an owner of a Shared UW NetID will see it listed in the PRT and can act; Shared UW NetID administrators will not see the Shared UW NetID listed in the PRT and cannot perform this action.