Microsoft Infrastructure documentation migration/consolidation

April 28, 2016

We’re combining our documentation into IT Connect. A few exceptions that don’t work well on that platform will remain in the UW-IT Wiki.


What and When:

Over the next several weeks, we will be migrating the Microsoft Infrastructure documentation into IT Connect ( Our documentation will live under


Our content has been splattered across multiple locations, including a web hosting platform we run for ourselves. It doesn’t make sense for us to run something separate, and consolidating on IT Connect should improve discoverability of that content.


Related to the service rename previously announced, we’ve already moved most of the content that was previously in the UW-IT wiki space named UW Windows Infrastructure to the IT Connect location noted above.


What You Need to Do:

This notice is partly advisory so you know to expect some changes, but you may also have an action to take.


If you host links to our content or have bookmarked pages, you may want to update them. Where we can, we’ll put in page redirects to the new location and maintain those old pages for 3 months to facilitate this. Because this documentation migration is not complete and will span a couple week period, we’ll send another note when we’re done so you know when to do that activity.


More Information:

Unfortunately, not all of our content can move to IT Connect. A few things will need to be on the UW-IT Wiki platform. We’ll clearly link to those pages, have navigation aids from those pages back to IT Connect, and clearly note that this wiki space is an ancillary location. That ancillary UW-IT Wiki space is, and it’ll have things like request forms, the public proposals with analysis we’ve previously shared, and other documents with flexible editing needs.


The web location will retire in about 3 months. It served us nicely for 10 years. J


Brian Arkills

Microsoft Infrastructure Service Manager