20160422: Rename: UW Windows Infrastructure -> Microsoft Infrastructure

May 16, 2016

What and When:

Over the next month or so, we’ll be updating our references to UW Windows Infrastructure (and UWWI) to Microsoft Infrastructure. You will see documentation and mailing lists like this one be updated to reflect this name change. We will likely also update our name in more obscure places, e.g. we are considering a change to our Groups Service stem.


What You Need to Do:

Nothing. This is an advisory note to keep you informed so you aren’t taken by surprise by planned service offering name change activities.


More Info:


This mailing list is replaced with mi-announce@uw.edu. This is the last email you’ll see to uwwi-announce@uw.edu.


Uwwi-discuss@uw.edu is replaced by mi-discuss@uw.edu. I’ll send a separate note to that list.


Brian Arkills

Microsoft Infrastructure Service Manager