20150929: Entra ID Help Desk Card

May 16, 2016

The Entra ID Help Desk Card is being implemented to help ensure users have an easy way to get assistance.


What and When:

Today the Help Desk Card capability in our Entra ID tenant is being enabled. When users click on the help icon in applications which support this, they’ll be presented with contact information which can allow them to easily get help.


The following information will be present:


+1 (206) 221-5000




What You Need to Do:

Nothing, this notice is informational only so you aren’t surprised by the change.


More Info:

Please refer to https://support.office.com/en-US/client/results?Shownav=true&lcid=1033&ns=O365ENTADMIN&version=15&ver=15&services=INTUNE_O365%2cYAMMER_EDU%2cSHAREPOINTWAC_EDU%2cMCOSTANDARD%2cSHAREPOINTSTANDARD_EDU%2cEXCHANGE_S_STANDARD&HelpID=O365E_CustomHelpDesk for more information about this capability.


Brian Arkills

UW Windows Infrastructure Service Manager